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Apr 24, 2010 08:24 AM

Newish Food Magazine

I read about a new cooking/food magazine recently but can't remember the name. It might have had "county" in the title. I am looking for a food magazine to subscribe to (besides the usual suspects of Saveur, Cook's Illustrated etc.)

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  1. Are you thinking of Cooks County? It's a spin-off of cooks illustrated.
    Not much different than cooks illustrated. I've given up on most cooking magazines. Once in awhile I will buy an Everyday Food.

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    1. re: cmarie

      Thanks Cmarie but it's not Cooks County. This was written up in the Oprah Magazine as a higher end recipe kind of book.

      1. re: cmarie

        It's Cooks Country...not County. :)

        I really like Everyday Food and Fine Cooking.

        1. re: Weather

          Weather, yes! Thank you. Although it doesn't really look like a magazine. I'd be curious if anyone is familar with it.