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Apr 24, 2010 08:06 AM

Looking for simple screw-top lid jam jars

Does anyone know where I can buy jam/preserving jars in or around Montreal? I'm looking for the ones that have simple screw-top lids rather than the 2-piece seal/ring that come with most of the commercially available jars.

I make huge amounts of jam every summer (and marmalade when the Seville oranges are around for 2 seconds in Jan/Feb) & I'm English so am used to the screw top ones - plus I think they're a bit more straightforward. I'd need to buy around 150/200 jars so wholesale would be good. Could buy them online but the shipping ends up being more than the jars themselves so often isn't worth it.

Don't know if this is relevant but I only use the fruit, lemon juice and sugar when I make jams/marmalade; I don't use pectin & the sterilisation method (if you want to call it that!) that I use is: pour the hot jam into clean jars that have been kept in a warm oven; put in the jam; screw on the lid that has been sterilized in boiling water with a slice of lemon to get rid of any deposits; turn it upside down. I don't boil the jam again. I've never had any problems with it going off!

Thanks a lot

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  1. Have you phoned Aubut? I've never been but they are whole salers but that might do the trick

    1. Hey, this is not wholesale but I've definitely seen jars like this at the Canadian Tire in Alexis Nihon.

      1. I think I have seen mason jars like that at rona

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          Yup that's where I buy mine! They come in boxes of twelve.

        2. I haven't seen the simple one piece lid jars very often but I have seen them on occasion. I got mine from a friend who bought them in the Townships for me. I mostly use the 2 piece lid system from Golden Harvest which ia available from Canadian Tire next to the more expensive Bernadin jars. I've found that it's not necessary to flip the jars upside down. I use the same method you use for canning and I found the only time a jar may go off is if a drop of jam gets on the edge of the jar before lidding which affects the seal, so I wipe the glass edge with boiled water on paper towel before lidding and I heat my jars to 250 degree so they stay very hot before I lid them.

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            what about church bazaars, I saw boxes of them today and no takers.......