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Apr 24, 2010 07:39 AM

What's For Dinner? Part XXVIII

And on the 8th day (since the last one), let there be a new thread....(lol) Wow, I never realized how how much time it took to get past the 200 post mark but here we are once again, the beginning of Number 28....I know there are good smells coming from the kitchen..what's for dinner?

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  1. I've been away from the kitchen for a few days - firstly in a neighbouring city where I was researching at its university library (good Cypriot restaurant for dinner). Got home to find Mrs H had booked us into a Michelin starred "country house hotel" for a treat for a couple of nights. And today, on the way home, lunch at one of the region's well known gastropubs.

    We visited a couple of farm shops so now have a fridge full of pork pie, local cheese and other "stuff" that's going to get loaded on to a plate. Bread, chutney, pickled onions alongside. Sofa. TV. The kitchen can wait another day for me to say hello to it properly.

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      Interested in the British take on pork pie. I make the Quebecois version that my great grand-mere made.

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        Really two sorts of pork pies here.

        The more common one - eaten cold - with the best coming from around the village of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. Good ones make great eating. Unfortunately too often they are cheap, nasty and factory produced. Last night's was small production (and north western not Midlands).

        The other sort is the Cheshire pie. Usually eaten hot, but very nice cold, it also contains apple. I'm a Cestrian so no surprise that I advocate trying this. Here's some other north western specialities:

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          Thanks for the lesson. Sounds like the Cheshire pie is more similar to the F-C version I make.

    2. Looks like I'm heading up North and working on the fixings for one of the last Crab Feeds of the year.
      I am eating with purists, so I will probably head to Berkeley and get some live suckers on my way to the country. -If it were up to me, I'd be happy to p/u cooked, cracked and cleaned from Swan!
      Need to figure out some sides, salad will be a no-brainer, but as I had crab for dinner last night as well (out, before I knew it would be on the menu again tonight!) I am craving a more substantial side.
      Maybe delicious starters will do the trick...

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        mmmm, Swan... How about a corn pudding as a side?

      2. Tonight was *supposed* to be some goat cheese stuffed chicken of some sort after spending the day in Concord and central MA doing some antiquing. My shopping companion said she was starving at 3:00 and didn't feel like cooking (and we weren't going to be going out to dinner), so on the way home from central MA, I saw a sign for JP O'Hanlon's in Ayer - a quick veer off the highway led us to decent bacon cheeseburgers, pretty darn good thick cut fries, and a glass of wine for me and a draught Murphy's Irish Stout for my friend. A "lupper" or "linner", if you wish. :-)

        So I'm not cooking tonight - the chicken wasn't defrosted yet, so it'll keep until tomorrow.

        Should I get a little bit hungry later? A quart of Rocky Road is awaiting from Dairy Dome. Not eaten all tonight, however. :-)

        1. on the road at dog show. no really great options for dinner. this is down and dirty get a meal time. last night was okay take-out italian, tonight was catfish at the gathering place for all the local blue-hair crowd. stopped and got fresh apples and yogurt for breakfast tomorrow.

          1. Tonight I'm making Boyzoma's Cajun chicken fettucine. Sounded so good, I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now. Will be stopping at the store to pick up the wide noodles, as I have none, some Texas toast, and a fresh cuke for the salad. I'll have to lighten up the recipe as I can't usually do a heavy cream sauce, and hoping the smoked mozz I have will sub in nicely for the usual unsmoked that she recommended. Probably no dessert after this one....

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              Your version sounds yummy too. Let me know how it turned out!

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                Hi BoyZ, it was AWESOME!! I ended up getting the regular mozz, since I was at the store anyway, and followed everything else as you stated, except I added butter to the mushrooms, since I can't use heavy cream anymore, and used 2% lactose free milk, since it was what I already had on hand. Let it reduce for a bit, before adding the cheeses.

                My DH was THOROUGHLY impressed with the cajun chicken, we broiled them, since he worked all day, I didn't want to send him out to the grill. They came out beautifully browned, not blackened, but just perfect and delicious. He was satisfied they were spicy enough, which is HIGH PRAISE coming from him, he can drink hot sauce, FGS!!! I did not spice the boys' as much, my older liked it, my little one, not as much, but I think it's something they will eventually get used to. But he inhaled his pasta and Texas toast, so it was very successful, no pasta leftover jsut some chicken, since I did 5 breasts. I will definitely be making that one again. Thanks again!!