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Breakfast in Plano

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I wanted to know what is the best breakfast place in the Plano area. My wife and I usually go out for breakfast on the weekends and we have been in a rut lately, IHOP, OHP, Cafe Brazil. We are looking for some new ideas.

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  1. You might check out Tony's Cafe located on the northwest corner of Spring Creek and Alma.

    I have never been there but I know a couple of people who said their breakfast specials are good.


    1. The best? Poor Richard's Cafe.

      Poor Richard's
      2442 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

      1. Try the weekend Brunch at the Filmore Pub in Downtown Plano on 15th-their Kaluha French Toast is amazing. Their Bruch Menu is only served on Sat & Sun starting at 10:30am-very good Breakfast choices :)

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        1. re: shannydiva

          +1 to both Poor Richard's and FIllmore (especially Kahlua french toast)!

          Poor Richard's
          2442 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

        2. It's hard to beat Breadwinners on Preston. Fresh fruit, homemade complimentary breads, and good service.

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            I vote for Breadwinners too.