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Apr 24, 2010 06:35 AM

Looking to have wedding reception in a restaurant - Edmonton

I'm having a small wedding, only about 35 people and am looking to rent out either an entire small restaurant or a private function room. I'm hoping for a steak house or "canadian" food as my future in law family doesn't really go very adventerous with their food. The most they would do is Italian. I am looking into Il Pasticcio, but was looking for other suggestions.

Any ideas?

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  1. Lux Steakhouse and Bar and Sorrentinos both seem to appeal to a broad range of diners in my experience. My personal choice would be La Culina.

    Culina Millcreek
    9914-89 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2S7, CA

    Lux Steakhouse & Bar
    10150- 101 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 4G8, CA

    Edmonton, Edmonton, AB , CA

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      Von's has a really nice private function room.
      The Matrix, Meterra and Union Bank Inn are all boutique hotels with smaller rooms.
      For higher end, Characters has great food and very nice rooms in a variety of sizes.

      Characters Fine Dining
      10257 105 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E3, CA

      Von's Steakhouse & Oyster Bar
      10309 81 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 1X3, CA

    2. I once attended a small wedding reception at the Manor Cafe and it was just lovely. We had the top floor and it was very nice - great food, and really great service. I believe they offered us three choices for an entree and I know I had a very nicely done tenderloin.

      1. Red Ox Inn?

        I've known a few people who rave about having small wedding receptions at the Union Bank Inn, although I have never been to one there myself.

        Red Ox Inn
        9420 91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 3P4, CA

        1. The Century Grill has a lovely private room that would be perfect. I have been to a couple of farewell lunches there and thought they did a great job. The fixed menu lunch was really nice.

          There is also rooms in the basements of the Hardware Grill and Ruth's Chris. Both are nice. I would prefer Hardware Grill.

          Hope you have a lovely wedding.

          Century Grill & Bar
          3975 Calgary Trail, Edmonton, AB T6J 6S6, CA

          1. Wildflower can do this, but might be too large for your group. Depends on your budget in a way, but their cuisine does a good job of synthesizing the adventurous with the familiar. Definitely Canadian.

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              I feel you on this idea - I found the caterers in town inflexible, unprofessional and unimaginative. Renting out a restaurant is a great idea and can save money .


              I met with Nathin and Dan at Wildflower to discuss renting out the restaurant for my wedding before the wedding was relocated to Las Vegas. They hadn't really done it before, but were very willing to give it a try. Minimum discussed was about $10,000 for a weekend night, completely buyout of the restaurant for the night. The layout is a bit awkward, but there is a large bank of tables that will hold 30 in a row, with another 30-35 people scattered throughout the rest of the restaurant in smaller booths.

              Other suggestions:

              - ZINC at the art gallery. You can rent out the restaurant, but the kitchen caters all other events in other spaces as well. I found it inconsistent and a visit there was actually a big reason we moved the wedding to Vegas, but they might be better now, or at catered events.

              - Madison's Grill at the Union Bank Inn

              - Culina will cater, I never actually met with Cindy Lazarenko, but we chatted via email and she was open to the idea. Both restaurants are quite small though.

              - Ruth's Chris? Hundred Bar and Grill (for more of an upscale cocktail party feel) and the other Century Group restaurants are supposed to be getting into the special event world as well. I would also suggest indian, but it's probably far too adventuresome for your group!