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Apr 24, 2010 06:10 AM

Looking for Jewish Deli in Nashville

Looking for Jewish Deli (or at least a New York style or "kosher style" deli) in Nashville. No chains like Jason's or Jimmy John's--looking for a local mom & pop or someplace in that vain. Looking for Matzoh balls, knishes, gefilte fish, tongue, lox, etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know of a Jewish deli in Nashville ... by "deli" meaning a place where you just order things from a counter to take with you. There is a restaurant called Noshville that serves the sorts of food you are looking for and it is well regarded by most Yankee visitors and they do have something of a deli counter. There are several locations, the original is near Vanderbilt at the corner of Broadway and Lyle. There's also one at the airport.

    There is also a deli in East Nashville that is popular, Mitchell, but they aren't particularly Jewish or Jewish-style.

    1. If your expectations are high you'll be disappointed. If you're not expecting the real thing and are satisfied with "New York style deli" it's ok. The cold cuts and breads are mediocre. The breakfastss, matzoh ball soup and latkes are ok. It's an ok place but don't expect to get your Jewish Deli itch satisfied.

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        The cabbage soup is pretty good at Noshville. Beyond that, eh. Not to mention all the pork products and dairy they serve. Nevertheless, it's the closest thing to a kosher-style deli there is in Nashville.

      2. Noshville is pretty much it.

        R.I.P. Goldie's Deli!

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