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Apr 24, 2010 05:45 AM

Lost in Bangkok . . and Hungry!

I'm a solo female traveler who just arrived in Bangkok amid the political unrest. I'm staying in Sukhumvit, Soi 20. I know this isn't the greatest foodie area, but it seems like most of the consensus foodie picks are smack in the middle of the protest zone. I've had one unimpressive meal so far and am looking for some guidance on where I can comfortably find some delicious Thai. I don't eat pork or beef but love all things spicy. Any suggestions?

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  1. There is plenty of good Thai food within walking distance of Soi 20. Walk out of Soi 20, cross Sukhumwit to the odd-numbered soi side and walk up to Soi 11. A short ways down the soi on the left you will find the 'Rosabieng Restaurant' (which means 'railroad dining car'). Fine food and you can eat outside in a garden or inside in a/c.

    Or go to the other side of Sukhumwit and walk up Soi 12 a quarter mile or so and on the right is the famous 'Cabbages and Condoms' restaurant that has excellent Thai food and only slightly expensive. Their gift shop is a riot.

    Also, right on the corner of Sukhumwit and Soi 12 is a building on the ground floor of which are about a dozen different Korean restaurants if you're in the mood for that.

    Or, my favorite, walk up to Soi 14 (first soi after you cross the Asoke intersection). About 100' down this soi is the Suda restaurant which has no a/c and the service can be hit or miss but the food is great, super authentic, and quite cheap. And do not be concerned about eating solo in any of these places.

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      Don't know Sukhumvit, but the I'll second the Rosabieng suggestion. I have been to the location opposite the Samsen Railway station and the food is great. Definitely a must go.