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Apr 24, 2010 05:37 AM

Terre Dumbria

I was reding the posting last night about the Terre Dumbria clay pot. I got one just last night at TJ Maxx here in Boston MA. You would think if they had problems that they would remove them from all stores. Did anyone hear what state the woman got hers from, and what color was it. I thought I was doing something good by getting something made in Italy instead of China. Any ideas if I sould return it?

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  1. I recently purchased a few pieces (bowls/casserole ) of Terre D'Umbria from TJMAX. After purchasing these items, I found this link stating that these products may contain lead. So I contacted TJMAX and the Italian Trade Commission based on this. The Italian Trade Commission contacted the manufacturer De Silva and here is their response.

    We have received an email back from the Italian manufacturer De Silva. They have assured us that they test their products daily for lead and cadmium specifically because the products come in contact with food.
    They do recommend to wash the bowls thoroughly after usage, not because they contain lead, but because terracotta is a material which absorbs food odor very quickly.
    If you still do not feel safe, however, please proceed as you feel comfortable. Should you have any other questions regarding this or any Italian products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that you enjoy the bowls you have purchased.

    Best Regards,
    Italian Trade Commission - Atlanta
    Tel: 404-525-0660

    1. my opinion is that this cooking pots are wonderful , the food cooks so well and the flavor is fantastic , hummm is so delicious, I need a bigger one and I don't know where to find it , TJ Maxx is the right place but looks like they brought some and the bigger ones are hard to find them , any help please