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Apr 23, 2010 09:09 PM

best lechon in Vallejo?

We're organizing a pot-luck memorial for my late mother in law and I thought a nice lechon would serve. Any thoughts on the best in town? Is it cut up and stuck back together like the Chinese pig at our wedding, or do we have to carve?How soon need we order? All advice welcome.

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  1. We served lechon from Andrea's (Vallejo) at our wedding. It was delicious -- lots of compliments. And believe me, you can really get bad, dry lechon in the Bay Area!

    Ask them if they'll pre-carve. Otherwise, it usually comes whole and you'll have to employ someone skillful to dissect the pig at the gathering. Someone there will know how to do it if you have at least a handful of Filipinos there. Not sure how far in advance you would have to order -- give them a call ASAP. I'd say you need to call probably at least 2 weeks to a week in advance.

    Good luck!