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Kosher catering hall/shul for Bar Mitzvah in Brooklyn

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I need to find a glatt kosher place to have my son's bar mitzvah in November 2010. About 120-140 people. We had a place but the caterer is no longer in business. i do not want one of the Orthodox halls in Williamsburg, and am curious about pricing for a place like Shaare Zion with Ram Caterers or even places in the City like Lincoln Square. Does anyone have any advice?


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  1. Shaare Zion & Mhtan Beach JC are the only regular catering halls in Bklyn. with decorated ballrooms (not a multi use kiddush room) Speak to Jeremy at SZ or Joel at MBJC they are both very knowledgeable & will work with you.
    Other than the chasidic halls there are catering halls like the el carib which has to be kosherized with an outside off prem caterer & can get $$$ .
    Lincoln Sq also is the only syn hall in the city but there are many event locations that u can choose from with a off prem kosher caterer in Manhattan. Check out an event location web site
    Long island has the glatt catering halls & country clubs to choose from
    Good luck

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      Is Lincoln Square expensive, and do they allow mixed dancing?

    2. Mark David, the in-house caterer at Lincoln Square is top of the loine, when he does other locations prices are very high. At Lincoln Square he is more reasonable.

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        how much? I should have gotten married a couple of years ago when things weren't so tight

      2. Having attended more parties at Shaare Zion than I could possibly count, I would like to warn you that although Ram is top notch, this hall is rather large for your party. Manhattan Beach Jewish Center is not a bad choice, but you are comparing apples with oranges here.
        If you want something on par with Shaare Zion on a smaller scale look at Ohel David and Shlomo in Manhattan Beach. It is more elegant than MBJC and Zami Caterers is definately on par with Ram.

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          Have you been to weddings at Ohel David and Shlomo? Could it fit a party of 150 for a wedding?

        2. Just remembered another idea. Also in Manhattan Beach, different but interesting. Kingsborough Community College has recently opened a ballroom for affairs. Zami caters there also and if I remember correctly his own daughter was married there recently.

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            I just spoke to Joseph @ Zami Caterers. He quoted a price of $75 to $85 a person plus 10% and $375 for the Rabbi. He sounded very nice. Kingsborough looks beautiful on their website. He told me his daughter and niece were both married there. What could be bad??

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              Did you end up going with Zami? I'm considering going with him, but he seems ridiculosuly hard to get a hold of (and cancelled a meeting the day of). Did anyone else go with Zami catering? How was your experience?

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                I ended up with Meisner's in Brooklyn. They found me a venue, the Inwood Country Club, a photographer and a florist. They offered a choice of boneless stuffed chicken or steak and provided the waiters for $70 a person including the cocktail hour with tray passes and stations. They did a sushi station for an extra thousand, and threw in a beauiful 5 tier wedding cake. Tuvia was the contact person. They were great. Feel free to call me with any questions at 212 379 8313

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                      If you don't mind my asking, how much was the venue in addition?

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                        $9000 including liquor for 200 people. Mr. Smith was the manager, and he was very easy to deal with. He also through in a room for the night.


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                      I used Meisner's for my wedding a few years back. They did a great job and Tuvia was a pleasure to deal with.

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                        Do you still have Meisner's contact info? I tried calling but their number isn't working.

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                          I just read this old post - can I contact you. I am currently considering using Meisners for a Bat Mitzvah.

                  1. nsue,
                    just curious if you were set to make your party at Temple Sholom in Mill Basin. If so I am in the same boat. You also have El Caribe and Temple Beth El as options in Brooklyn. I am in a different boat- my party is 10/10/10. I am looking outside of Brooklyn now.

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                      are we all missing the Washington Hotel yet? I hope those condo dwellers are happy

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                        Wow! My brother's bar mitzvah party was at the Washington Hotel in 1961!
                        Anyone been to Rockwood Park Jewish Center

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                          had both my sons' BM's at the WH

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                            Went to Rockwood Park a couple of years ago and they ran out of food.

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                              Rockwood has a funny smell and it's not in the best of shape. It might be ok for a Bar Mitzvah, but if your party isn't big I say go with David and Shlomo. it's much nicer and the food is much better. Rockwood is like Chinese take out.

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                                I don't understand. Are you familiar with Ohel David and Shlomo or not? Your comment upthread indicates not, but here you are recommending it.

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                                  I am familiar with it. I've been there and tasted the food and it's very nice. But I'm trying to gauge the amount of people you could fit inside and not be cramped.

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                            I went there yesterday and was very disappointed, especially in the smell of mildew in the sanctuary

                          3. Ive never heard of Ohel David and Shlomo. Tried to find out about Elite at Madison Jewish Center and East Midwood, but not much luck

                            1. What about Beth Sholom on Avenue X in Sheepshead Bay? Or perhaps Kingsway JC?

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                                I thought I heard the caterer at Beth Shalom is gone.

                              2. Any other ideas in Brooklyn? Also I need a good caterer to cater my party.

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                                  DO NOT USE ZAMI!!! I had my wedding on March 18th and they had their servers take away untouched plates of food while guests were dancing. Almost none of my guests had a chance to eat the appetizer and half didn't get a chance to finish the entree. I HAD PEOPLE GO HOME HUNGRY. Pay for food that your guests will actually get to eat. They also didn't do a bunch of other things they said they would. Avoid Zami.

                                  1. re: AllyMcnally

                                    My mother called Zami to complain about the wedding service and spoke to the manager Anna who said she would try to arrange for a partial refund. My mother never got a call back and when she called she either got the message machine, got his wife who said Zami would call back (and of course never did) or got hung up on. HORRIBLY RUDE!

                                  2. re: Bug613

                                    I got married at the Renaissance in Boro Park, and we had about 150 people. The food was reasonably priced and really delicious.