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Apr 23, 2010 07:48 PM

Where to buy Spanish Cider in San Diego or OC?


I'm in search of Spanish Cider & kicked my self for not getting a bottle while in Madrid last month ( the thought of packing it in the check-in suitcase deterred me). I'm going to Orange County tomorrow, if you know any where I can get one , please point me to the place.


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  1. I won't swear to it but my first call would be to Pata Negra in PB. I know they had txacoli.

    Pata Negra
    1657 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

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      Holiday Liquor in Escondido might also have Sidra. You can probably order it on-line from La Tienda. I've ordered quite a few things from them and have been very happy with their products and service.

      As for packing liquor in your suitcase, it's easier than you think. If you purchase it from a liquor store, ask them if they can box it for air transport. Some will, some won't. If they won't, wrap the bottle in dirty clothes. Jeans are especially good for this because of their weight and density. If you're staying in a hotel with ammenitites take the plastic bag that's often provided for laundry service and place your dirty clothes wrapped bottle in it and twist the top if you can. If there isn't a plastic laundry bag, ask the front desk if they've got a plastic bag, or where you could find one. As you pack your suitcase, pack it so the wrapped bottle ends up more or less in the center surrounded (padded?) by yrou other clothes, shoes, etc. I managed to get tons of tequila and mezcal home from Mexico using some version of the above, as well as wine from Italy.

      The other thing is to just buy a bottle of what you want from the duty free liquor shops after you pass security. They'll pack it and deliver it right to your gate. You pick it up as you board. But, honestly, I've had way better luck uber packing breakables and padding them in my suitcase than I have trying to carry them in hand luggage.

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        Thanks for the detailed tip of packing wine bottle. We didn't want to take a chance but may try some next time when we visit Napa Valley. I'll check out the store & on-line. This is wonderful so I can try to make some chorizo tapas w/ this cider.

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        Jered : Thanks for the info. I'll call'em to check it out. I went there for dinner years ago but did not check their market.

      3. Okay, I'll bite - how is Spanish cider different from other ciders?

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