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Apr 23, 2010 07:01 PM

"Sexiest" restaurants on South Beach?

Any thoughts on the sexiest restaurants on south beach for a date night? Tantra seems too forced, and I've heard not great things. Which restaurants would you consider really sexy?

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  1. I like Tantra and don't think it is forced.

    That said, Wish and BED are the two things that come to mind.

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    1. re: BlueHerons

      Thx, and appreciate your suggestions. Any newer places that would make the list? I went to both BED and WISH years ago, and would love to try some place new.

    2. You could try Casa Tua, Blue Door, The Villa by Barton G (@ the former Versace Mansion)

      Casa Tua
      1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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      1. re: Sobe4u

        thx for the suggestions. i will try to make a res at casa tua tho so far it looks as tho it'll be several weeks before i can get in. went to the blue door about 4-5 years ago and loved the food. heard mixed things about barton g's food though am intrigued by the decor! keep the suggestions coming--esp for any new places that have opened up!