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Apr 23, 2010 06:04 PM

RAKU japanese restaurant/ 50th street/ downtown edina

nice looking place. recently opened. any good??

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  1. Yes, it's good. A little bit on the expensive side, as you'd expect for a Japanese place in Edina. But quality, taste and atmosphere all a plus.

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        1. re: SmartCookie

          just got over there july 10th and the sushi was respectable. fifty bucks for a party of 3.

    1. I thought my non-sushi entree was okay but every overpriced. The service was brusque, and the waitress didn't bother to tell me they were out of the app I ordered until everybody else's meal showed up.

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      1. re: kersie

        I have eaten there four times, because I LOVE the sushi. The service is an absolute disaster. Slow, inconsistent, servers don't put orders in, food arrives at different times, some never comes, credit card is rung through twice..... I have really tried and really wanted to like it, but I won't go again.

        1. re: kersie

          This is kind of my opinion too. The sashimi is good, service so-so. I still prefer other places. The decor is good, for its genre, but not to my tastes. I feel a bit uncomfortable there. They don't have Katsudon, which is my benchmark dish. It seems well suited for Edina people. I've been twice but it's not my first choice.

        2. Has anyone tried the NabeYak Udon? I am wondering how it compares to Tanpopo's....