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Apr 23, 2010 05:38 PM

Atlanta eats- 3 questions just for fun

Recently in the ATL, where did you have your most interesting meal/experience?
What's the best meal you've had recently at a restaurant?
Where's your favorite place for lunch during the week?

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  1. "Where's your favorite place for lunch during the week?"

    If I can find a nearby spot with picnic tables so I can sit down to enjoy it, Nick's Food to Go would be a favorite lunch spot.

    Very tasty delicious Greek inspired food but it's too messy to sit and eat in my car. The outside stand-up counter is impossible on a windy or cold day - and just not a place to relax for 45 min. and a mid-day meal. I still want to try their specials of the day.

    Guess I am going to have to stop by and take some home some evening. But I have the feeling the food will not be as good after a 30 min. drive through rush hour traffic.

    1. The best meal at a restaurant was 4th and Swift. We ordered a ton of small plates and cheeses and mussels. The service was awesome and food was great!

      I love to go to Taqueria de los Hermanos in Tucker. Every dish I have had there is creative and tastey. The specials are really out of this world. The soups are unreal. Even their tacos can't be beat.

      Recently, the most interesting meal/experience was testing the two Havana's on buford Hwy. I like the sandwich at the Original Havana, but the beans were better at #2 or is it Havana Cafe?
      I know you wanted some cool experience but that's about it for me. Hopefully something fun will come up.
      What is your answer to your questions? rcburli?

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        When I do get away for lunch I enjoy a sandwich at Goldberg's Deli.
        I also had a really good lunch recently at Jalisco's in the Peachtree Battle shopping center.

        As for best meal recently, I'm always impressed with Repast.

        As for an interesting experience, my goal in the near future is to try Nick's Food to Go on MLK Jr Dr. I want a gyro and some pastitso.

        1. re: rcburli

          Get the lamb gyro. It's messy but amazingly good. Make sure you get a fork to scoop up what falls out. They are generous with the napkins and you will see why.

          Pick a nice day and eat it at the counter on the outside of the building. If you get the combo or plate, substitute the Greek fries for the regular ones - $2.50 extra. The salad that comes with the plate is excellent also. It will not be a cheap lunch but is worth the price and no tip since it's basically take out food.

          I am going to have to get there on pastitsio day myself. I'll bet it's just as good reheated for dinner but I should try it fresh on-site the first time.

      2. We've been to Social a couple of times lately for dinner before shows at the Tabernacle. It really feels like a European cafe. And the food has been excellent- hanger steak, rabbit tagine, lamb shank on couscous night. The couscous and lamb shank was huge- we split it and shared a salad and chicken liver toasts.

        They have a few good specialty cocktails- the basil mojito-esque "El Solito"; the "Rock the Casba" with bourbon/mint tea/honey. Unfortunately, the bartender was out last weekend, and they couldn't turn the former out with the same great flavor as last time. Duvel instead.

        So, that's the best restaurant meal lately. I mostly eat lunch at my desk. If I can get out, since I work in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, sandwiches at Rumi's are awesome. I also have a long-term thing with the bento box and bibimbop at Wasabi House in Dunwoody. Occasionally, I've made it to Chef Liu's (pre move) and to Tofu 88 once recently. The biggest thing is to go somewhere I haven't been in a while when I get the chance.

        Chef Liu
        5221 Buford Highway Northwest Doraville, Atlanta, GA 30340

        Wasabi House
        5500 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Ste 31, Atlanta, GA 30338

        1. I've only been here for about 2 months but I'll throw in my answers as well. For lunch, I always eat at my desk so no help there. A couple of my favorite places that I went to recently would be Tassa Roti House in Marietta for very solid Trinidadian food and Chapaati in Decatur for good South Indian. An interesting meal that I ate recently (actually two nights ago) was the Double Bypass burger at Vortex. Not the greatest burger in the world but certainly something that belongs on the "must eat before I die" list that I was able to cross off. Unfortunately, though it can now be crossed off the list, it is the type of meal that gives you less time to get to all the others.

          1. If I go out to lunch it has to be in nice weather, and I really like Brio on peachtree road. Great patio.

            One of the great experiences - actually two - pizza at Antica Pizza Napoletano and the burger at Holeman ^=& Finch. Both are sublime.

            Recent great mean - the Bacon Dinner @ Eugene. Enough said.