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"Ace of Cakes" style cakeries in the Boston Area?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a bakery in the boston area that does really, really cool cakes ? Yes, I'm aware of KonditorMeister- they aren't it (but are v. v. good!)

I'm looking for cakes that are creative, 3d, v. modern- bright colors, fondant mastery (must taste as good as it looks) Not a basketweave or tired old rose in sight.

This is for our daughter's 1st birthday party, so i want something one of a kind and very, very special for her! I've looked at a few bakeries in my area and not a single one of the gets it, it's like they all took some Wilton classes at a craft store and stopped advancing beyond that!

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  1. The Knot has a party planning website that you can probably check into - I don't remember the name of that site, but you could go on theknot.com and see if there's a pointer to it.

    1. What about Truly Jorg's? He's been on TV too.

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        Truly jorg's was good, esp. the cupcakes, but I think they don't exist anymore, plus I want something exciting and fresh- Jorgs is pretty classic / elegant from what I remember. Thank you for the suggestion though!

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          Truly Jorg's exists. It is in Saugus, Route 1 N right before Jimmy's Steak house

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            Truly Jorg's Website is at http://www.trulyjorgs.com/index2.html Their online photo gallery is pretty dismal- I've seen much more interesting cakes in the store.

            But Icing on the Cake is my pick, especially if you go with the dessert flavors. particularly the Orange Grand Marnier (Gold cake laced with Grand Marnier and filled with orange buttercream).

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            O, and I just remembered, what about Cake in Lexington?

        2. Party Favors in Brookline might be a good fit - they're good cakes w/real buttercream frosting . . . they did a Tigger cake for my daughter's 1st b-day that was pretty outstanding - a Tigger made of cake, sitting atop a large round (and decorated) cake. It was impressive. Icing on the Cake in Newton might also be able to do something.


          Party Favors
          1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

          1. Party Favors in Coolidge Corner Brookline is a good choice for a child's birthday cake. A superior cake with superior frosting and creative 3-D constructions at market prices.... So it is not inexpensive at all. But this is a place to beat!

            Been in business for forty years or so? I can remember them from my childhood as well as from my kids birthday treats.

            I do not believe you would make a mistake here.

            Party Favors
            1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

            1. Icing on the Cake in Newton fits this bill. They had one cake in there last week that had a bear on top of the cake. The bear was made of cake, too. Amazing. Just give them some lead time to make the fancier cakes. Their website has lots of neat pictures of their cakes. Cash or check only, fwiw.

              Icing On the Cake
              230 Adams St, Newton, MA

              1. Cakes To Remember on 248 Cypress St Brookline, MA (617) 738-8508 does wonderful, custom cakes that taste good.

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                  How could I forget about this place? They did our wedding cake and it was fantastic - very tasty (that was important to us) and it was funky - mad-hatter-esque all colorful and looking like it was toppling over. My grandmother HATED the style, but all our friends still talk about it. Pricey, but worth it.


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                    Sounds like it was, indeed, a Cake you Remember.

                2. Definitely check out Mary Jo Dowling in Westford, assuming she's back from TLC filming... great stuff!


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                    Wow, I just checked out the Mary Jo Dowling link...those cakes look AMAZING. Wonder how they taste!

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                      Those cakes are incredible! Have you ever tasted one?

                    2. I'm chuckling as I recall my daughter's first birthday......she really didn't know what the cake even was, and ended up destroying it! Nevertheless, it *IS* a special day, and I hope you find a memorable cake to go with it!

                      1. Mary Silveria made a cake for a baby shower that I hosted - it was DELICIOUS and fantastic looking. She was also very easy to work with, and delivered the cake. Here's a link to her blog with the cake photos:


                        (The flowers were white chocolate and so delicious).

                        You can also look at the rest of her blog and see her amazing cakes


                        I really like the penguin one...

                        1. My husband got me an absolutely amazing graduation cake from Cakes by Erin in Haverhill . Not only did it have fabulous fondant work, a gorgeous 3D top, and lovely painted characters, but the cake itself was tasty. I can't recommend her work enough.

                          She has a facebook page with samples - mine is the children' literature themed cake.