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Apr 23, 2010 03:14 PM

Lunch near Vatican

From board searching, it seems the consensus is that the Vatican area has a lot of tourist traps. I certainly remember this from the last time I went to the Vatican in 2003, eating the only horrible meal of our trip near there, since we couldn't find any of our recommended eating spots in walking distance, we ended up somewhere random with food so salty it was hard to swallow. And the waiter told us that we found it salty because Americans aren't used to pecorino cheese!

Please help, I can't seem to find any Vatican-area recommended spots for lunch.

Thanks again. And again.

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  1. Here is a thread with some places.

    I recommended a couple over from the Vatican museum - there are other threads also with quite a number of recommendations if you resort your results for Vatican Lunch for "relevance" rather than recent-ness.

    We had a poor meal near the Vatican once too - thats why we tend to head over toward Prati to get away from the crowds.

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      Oh thank you!! knew there must be threads similar but I wasn't finding.

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        I've always mentioned and highly recommended Giarrosta del Toscano, via Germanico 56, just off via Ottaviano when this question comes up. It's a short walk from either St. Peter's or the Vatican Museum. We've eaten there on about 5 different trips to Rome and always found it very satisfying. I especially love their bomboletti pasta in Giulio Cesare sauce. You'll see mostly Italians there, as it is definitely not a tourist place.

    2. I'll be reporting in the next few weeks about two positive eating experiences at Easter in the otherwise gustatory wasteland around the Vatican:

      1. Il Mozzicone di Antonio Giuseppe Poggi, via Borgo Pio 180
      2. Cesare, via Crescenzio 13