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I have a lot of brie wedges

What can I do with them? They were on sale and I bought 3. Can I freeze them. Give me some recipes.

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    1. Brie makes the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously.

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        i second this. i always use brie for grilled cheese. it melts wonderfully.

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          A sandwich place makes a "Brie Beast" which has brie, roast beef and roasted red peppers all grilled on sourdough. Amazing.

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            an item i love that is no longer on the menu at my favorite diner/dive type place: French melt-- Brie, swiss, ham (i tell them to replace it with chicken instead) and asparagus grilled on any kind of bread (cheddar cayenne for me!). So good!

        2. roast a head of garlic.
          cut the rind off all the wedges (easly to do if the cheese is really cold)

          in a food processor put the cheese, the roasted garlic and about a stick of butter (maybe more maybe less) and blend until all is incorporated.

          A little salt and pepper.

          once smooth you can use as a dip, mix into mashed potatos, but ontop of a baked potato, grilled cheese sammie, filling for a quesadilla...and you can freeze it

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            I gained two pounds just reading that, and was filled with JOY. Brie is going on the market list for next week. Thanks.

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              Just did what you said - bueno! Ate same, and the rest is in the freezer.

            2. I've made this apple-brie stuffed bread a few times... yum.

              1. I doubt they'd freeze well, but of all the "problems" to have, this is a pretty good one. ;)

                I made a ridiculously decadent french toast sandwich to enter in a recipe competition: Brie and apricot preserves between two slices of French toast (preferably brioche or something nice like that) dredged in ground almonds and fried in butter.

                It was nothing short of spectacular. Heart-healthy, no, but it was worth it.

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                  Oops, picture didn't work the first time. Here goes...

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                    Wow, that looks absolutely delicious!

                    Nothing original but I like brie burgers with mushrooms and caramelized onions or brie wrapped in phyllo dough, then served with apples, grapes and bread.

                2. By wedges, I assume you mean pie-shaped slices out of a traditionally-sized wheel, right? It's not as cute as doing single thin slices out of a camembert, but if you slice it rather thinly, it is great on a hamburger or any other hot sandwich.

                  It actually does freeze, but loses the super-smooth texture when thawed. It's fine when melted, however.

                  1. I like brie baked until nicely melted with a topping of mango chutney and and broken walnuts pieces. Serve with a good baguette.

                    As dmd-kc suggests, Brie can be frozen but the texture will change.

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                      As I am sadly allergic to mango (sigh) so I usually top brie with apricot jam after it is melted and its wonderful! I top it with either walnuts as you do, or with almonds.

                    2. I made this over the holidays and it was gobbled up.

                      - Cut brie round in half along the middle so you have 2 smaller rounds
                      - Place some brown sugar and chopped pecans on the cut side of one of the rounds
                      - Reassemble the brie
                      - Wrap the brie in pie dough or puff pastry tightly (it leaked on me once)
                      - Bake for 20 minutes or so at 350-375 so dough is cooked and cheese is melted inside
                      - Serve with bread, crackers, and apples

                      1. yes it freezes but don't freeze in foil - very tough to get all the pieces off later!

                        how about phyllo pastry twists baked with pieces of brie and a teaspoonful of cranberry jelly? Or flakey pastry. Both work well but you will have to play with the pastry so that the filling doesn't leak out when baking.

                        1. if you haven't frozen yet, just enjoy a few slices with some grapes, crackers and a glass of wine. no matter how much brie is bought in this house, it never makes it beyond two days.

                          1. Do you happen to own a mini-muffin tin?
                            Grab the brie, the muffin tin, a can-o-crescent rolls, and some hoity-toity-fruit preserve of your choosing (I chose FIG)
                            You know what to do; arrange the dough to fit neatly inside the (fully greased) muffin tin, plop in a chunk of cut brie into each one, top with a tsp or so of preserves... bake until golden....
                            It's not fancy, but my "I don't like brie" husband inhaled them.

                            1. Brie is excellent in pasta. Add a little pasta water to help it melt into more of a thin sauce. The rind is perfectly edible, of course, but you can remove it for a really smooth texture. Right now I'd mix in some asparagus since it's also abundant.

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                                all these ideas sound great. thanks

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                                  Cut the brie in bite size pieces, roll in honey then chopped nuts and wrap in small rounds or squares of puff pastry Best to use an egg wash to seal the pastry.. Freeze on a cookie sheet then put in freezer bag. Take out a few at a time and bake according to puff pastry instructions. Nice appetizer to have stashed in the freezer.