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Apr 23, 2010 01:21 PM

Barcelona Special Occasion Meal on a Monday night???

My husband and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in Barcelona on May 24th.

Unfortunately our anniversary falls on a Monday night and no restaurants seem to be open.

Does anyone know of any fantastic restaurant that is open on a Monday night in Barcelona where we can enjoy a delicious meal? Cost is not a factor.


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  1. I'll be in Barcelona the week before and have been looking at special occasion restaurants as well. Since we're there during Sunday and Monday there are so many restaurants that are closed on your days so I definitely feel your pain!

    Fortunately, one of the restaurants I was looking into (seems to be very good/popular from all the posts here on Chowhound) happens to be open on Mondays: Alkimia (


    They are very modern/molecular and it's a bit on the pricey side but should be good for a special occasion

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        Alkimia looks good and I was a bit on the fence about it but I requested a reservation just in case. Thanks for the suggestion.

        After some more research today a couple other places came up: Toc, Moo, Hisop, Hoffmann, Gaig, Gresca

        Have you heard of any positive or negative reviews of those?

        1. re: eb385

          Passadis del Pep also appears to be open on Monday. Does anyone have thoughts on it? Thanks

          1. re: degustazione

            Leaving for BCN tonight.....need a great place for Monday night (our last night) as keep the suggestions coming!

            1. re: sockster

              I'm curious where you end up going. We don't leave until May 20th. Got a table at Paco Meralgo for Sunday and Alkimia for Monday. Now debating on cancelling my Comemrc 24 reservation and trying Gaig, Moo, Hoffmann or Dos Cielos instead. Still gonna try to get a table at Cinc Sentits as well

              Have a safe trip and please report back!

              1. re: eb385

                Gotta tell you we went to Comerc for lunch and most of it was wonderful. We actually sat at the bar, and it was a great experience. Cinc Sentits is ok but another place you might want to try under the radar is Bar Mut. It's not really popular on these pages, but the food and service are wonderful. Still not sure where we're going to end up Monday. Anyone hear of Montiel Restaurante? Rated #2 in Trip Advisor, and I can't find anything else about it...HELP PLEASE Hounders!

                1. re: sockster

                  Sockster, here is a link to a "shout-out" of MONTIEL by another Chowhounder. I searched on Chowhound and found it.


                  Re: Trip Advisor Barcelona, the posters are very helpful with travel advice but very few of them are real foodies. I would take a #2 rating with a very large grain of fleur de sel.

      2. Well- If you want special....and you want amazing,.....and you want reasonably priced, and you want THE BEST FOOD NOW IN have to try GELONCH. Go to and look at the menu- it doesn't even begin to tell you the wonderfulness of this place. Amazing personalized service, amazing food blends,and incredible dessert do little to tell you about this incredible find we just found..RUN....don't walk to new restaurant in BCN in YEARS!!!! And not yet on the culinary radar!! You can thank me when you''ve been here!! WOW