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Apr 23, 2010 12:28 PM

Promo code please for Chicago Food Planet tour

We'd like to take this tour and I see there's a promo code box where you order tickets. Anyone have a code? Thanks so much.

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  1. I know they have a Twitter discount code that I've seen. Do you follow them on Twitter? Facebook? I believe it's just TWITTER. Not sure of the discount though or if the offer is still running. Their Twitter is Their FB is Or just contact htem to see if they will give it to you;

    Good luck!

    1. man, don't bother. let's run down their bucktown tour:

      * George's Hot Dog's: #1 rated Chicago-style hot dog "stand" (est. 1948)
      -- meh. it's your standard greek hot dog/gyro/burger/beef joint. nothing remotely special about it, and not worth a tourist's time or money
      * Hot Chocolate: Chicago's top pastry & dessert restaurant (est. 2004)
      -- actually a worthwhile stop, with one of my favorite burgers in the city and great desserts, but I doubt you'll be getting to eat their burger.
      * Goddess & Grocer: A gourmet foods & organic grocerer (est. 2004)
      -- mediocre sandwiches, massively overpriced prepared foods, overpriced "gourmet" dry goods. Much better off visiting a dedicated store like pastoral or even fox and obel (which has its problems but is light years ahead of goddess & grocer)
      * Sultan's Market: Middle Eastern food store and falafel deli (est. 1985)
      -- some of the most overrated, overhyped hipster-pandering middle eastern food you'll ever eat.
      * Piece: New-Haven style pizzeria & award-winning brewpub (est. 2001)
      -- very good pizza, but there's better pizza, and more distinctly chicago pizza, to be had elsewhere.
      * iCream: Designs and creates ice cream instantly on the spot (est. 2008)
      -- neat to watch but absolutely terrible, awful, nearly inedible ice cream.

      so you go to two worthwhile places and four places that seem to just be padding it out. The old town tour isn't any better.

      Do yourself a favor, do your own chicago food tour. Go up to andersonville and spend a night going from Sunshine Cafe (homestyle japanese) to in fine spirits (cocktails), pasticceria natalina (italian pastries), great lake (pizza), and end up at hopleaf (tons of belgian beers and pretty good food)

      or start at hopleaf for moules frites, get pizza at great lake, dessert at pasticceria nataline, and drinks at in fine spirits.

      or build your own tour in any other neighborhood. if you have one you're curious about, ask. you're guaranteed to get more value and eat better than if you went on one of these half-assed tours.

      Hot Chocolate
      1747 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647