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Apr 23, 2010 12:09 PM

Reno - 275 Hill - has anyone tried this? It sounds great

I picked up a card about this place. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu sounds very interesting and something-for-everyone-ish. Had anyone tried it? Let us know please.

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  1. I tried it and found it okay. Right now it seems the emphasis is more on presentation than quality of food. I would give them a month or two to settle in before making a decision.

    These are photos of the clams and mussels in a white wine sauce (not good; either too fishy or bland) and the seafood po boy (I liked it).

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      Thanks for the report. The menu sounds promising. I hope they can live up to it.

    2. I have been there 2 times both times for dinner,and to tell the truth the food there is great,fun and not boring,tho some may like the dull food around reno i am glad that they opened up,good job guys will be having more dinners ,keep up the weird food!!!lol

      1. I was looking forward to trying this place out. I arrived mid afternoon. I got the Flash Grilled Cesar Salad with chicken. It didn't occur to me that they would actually put the lettuce on the grill and BBQ it! OK a new twist. I guess it kinda works, but not really what I was expecting. Tasty though. The chicken strips were a bit over cooked though as they came out a on the dry side. Innovative, I'll give em that. My BF had the 275 Hill Street Burger, which is basically a bacon cheese burger. The meat looked to be about a 1/2 pounder and came with lots of onions, lettuce and tomatoes. It was served with a mix of regular and sweet potato fries. BF said it was one of the better burgers he has had. I took a few bites too. Good meat quality, but the bun needed more density to hold up to hand eating. I know there are some people that cannot stand sweet potato fries, but maybe you can get then to give you just potatoes. The portion was smallish but not too small that its an issue. No, I would guess you will not see families and high school dropouts here. Welcome to the newest of the chic and trendy of Reno....

        275 Hill
        275 Hill Street, Reno, NV 89501

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          I've had Caesar salads with grilled romaine and loved it.

          Could you please explain

          "No, I would guess you will not see families and high school dropouts here."

          1. re: c oliver

            This is not exactly a very family or child friendly place. The prices of menu items would dictate such. The general feeling of the place is its trying to be very "hip " and trendy and the general demographics of who this place would seem to attract would not be high school dropouts (yes there are always exceptions in life) but in general. I'm not trying to place any castes on society or make any judgments, its just the reality of business models.

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              You've eaten there and I haven't yet but their menu and ambiance (drove by on Sunday) appealed to me as a place where three generations of family could have a nice meal. "Hip and trendy" sound derogatory to my ear. I'm very happy to see more restaurants in Reno doing innovative things and I hope it continues. I still don't get why high school dropouts wouldn't like it.