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Apr 23, 2010 11:30 AM

Le Virtu - any recs?

I am going to Le Virtu tonight for dinner and was wondering if people had any recommendations on what to order. Thanks!

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  1. The fried olives, the soup (Scrippelle M’Busse), the Timballo di Scrippelle. For dessert, the Pizza Dolce. They make excellent fresh pasta there, basically anything that uses their fresh pasta is going to be good.

    1. This may be too late for you, but we have loved the cold assorted appetizer, which we share. I don't remember the name of it. It has some unusual items on it and is delicious.
      The pastas are excellent.

      1. I am going to Le Virtu tomorrow for the first time....seeking additional recommendations on what to eat.

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          The n'duja appetizer is awesome if you like spicy food. It's a house made spicy spreadable salami and it's really good.

          1. re: barryg

            +1 for the n'duja. Really unique and equally delicious.

            I would also +1 for the fried olives. This is the only place in the US that I've seen them, and the only place in Italy I ever saw them was a small seaside town, so for the novelty alone they are worth ordering.

            I tried every pasta that we got at a table for 4 and was equally impressed with each. I don't recall one that stood out over the others, so I'd say go with what sounds the best to you.

            So I guess I'm just a lot of +1's today. Enjoy!

            1. re: tfalbo

              Thanks for the recs, barryg and tfalbo! You're making me hungry. Can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

              1. re: pafood

                +2 for the olives! We loved every pasta dish we ordered as well. Go for it and enjoy!!

                1. re: crazyspice

                  Thanks everyone for the recs. Ended up having the scrippelle, the handkerchief pasta w/duck and beef ragu, and the porchetta. Finished with the chocolate ravioli. Also tried my brother's smoked gnocchi and rabbit. Every single dish was wonderful. However, I think the fazzoletti was my favorite.

                  Next time I'll try the olives and the n'duja.

                  1. re: pafood

                    I was going to recommend the pasta with the duck ragu...I thought it was delicious.

                    1. re: pafood

                      So happy you enjoyed your dinner. Thanks for reporting back. I am really ready for a trip down to the city!

          2. Went there and it was a really mixed bag. All told we had a cheese appetizer and the fried olives, both of which were good. But the risotto with seafood was overly spicy, and the polenta with meatball & sausage were bland - it may have just suffered from the seafood overwhelming the palate though. On the other hand, the pasta with rabbit was fantastic, and the pan-roasted halibut was great too. Flourless chocolate cake was disappointing, but the chocolate semifreddo was very nice...

            Not sure if someone was having an off night or it was just a matter of taste, but definitely one of the starkest examples of really good food and mediocre food coming from the same kitchen, at least to these taste buds