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Apr 23, 2010 10:38 AM

Good place for good eats & overnight stop driving north from Parma to Luzern Switzerland?

Hi CHers! Long time reader, first time post-er here. Thank you everyone for all the time & effort to post all the detailed information. It's helped me tremendously for planning my first Italy trip next month.

I do have a question though & I'd appreciate your help.

We are renting a motorcycle cruiser for the entire trip around Italy and our final destination is Luzern Switzerland. We need an overnight stop with good eats between Parma & Luzern b/c it's just way to long to drive in one day.

Besides Como, is there a nice place anyone can recommend?

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  1. Bergamo would be a very nice stop - it is a beautiful town with nice B&Bs and good food - set on foothills right at the edge of the Po plain, so great views from the upper town. maybe not far enough along your route for you. We spent a couple nights there last year and enjoyed the place and eating there greatly.

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      Thank you Jen K. We've decided that Bergamo would be a perfect place to stop. Can you recommend a place to stay as well as a good restaurant? What are the specialty foods up in that region that we should be aware of?

      I look forward to hearing your input! Grazi!!

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        we stayed in Bergamo last year and at the La Valetta it's a B&B and you can walk to some great restaurants le piano i believe could have spelt it wrong.