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Apr 23, 2010 10:30 AM


Is this place good or overhyped?

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  1. My favorite Manhattan BBQ - although it can be inconsistent.

    1. Pretty authentic, down to the sliced white bread and sweet iced tea (and I'm speaking as one who grew up in SC). However, stay away from the burnt tips or whatever they call them - completely inedible.

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        Burnt ends. I grew up in Kansas City, this is KC-style BBQ, and I think the ends are fantastic. Maybe you got a bad batch?

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          Do you mean rib tips or burnt ends? As Chelsea notes, the burnt ends are awesome. But the wings are my favorite for sure.

        2. I like it a lot. I haven't tried all of the things on the menu. The meats can tend to be a bit dry from time to time. I do like the smoked ham, and chicken. The brisket and pulled pork is hit and miss for me. Love the Burnt Ends. I've had them about 1/2 dozen times and have been great every single time. That said, they are very fatty, but it does melt away when you eat it. Think of a tender, fatty pot roast with a really dark crust on the outside and a ton of smoke in each bite. They aren't really "burnt", they just look like it and are more caramelized I would say. The BBQ beans with burnt ends in them are my favorite side dish. Very peppery, smoky and spicy. I have friends who love and those who hate these beans. The potato salad is good, nice balance of mustard/mayo. Onion straws are greasy, salty and an unholy mess. Enjoy them, but not too often. They do make some very tasty burgers on Mondays only.

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            The burger, which is only served on Mondays is awesome. I like their chili cheese fries as well. I've had good brisket and burnt ends there, but like people have said, it can be inconsistent.

          2. Uneven, to say the least.
            Last try was a pulled pork sandwich to go - pretty good!

            1. is it hyped at all? there's rarely more than a ten minute wait and there's definitely no pretense there. like anywhere, some dishes are better than others, but nothing is bad. i'm all for the pulled pork and the brisket, but the true winner is their chicken wings and sides.