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Apr 23, 2010 10:24 AM

Canton/Candler (NC) area restaurant choices

is it just my imagination or is this area a food wasteland that is only populated by fast food places? Anything, anything at all that is decent????

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  1. Growing up in Canton, there were only a couple of places worth going to: Dixon's Little Boy - a classic drive-in with very good fries and Skeeters - a barbeque joint. Both closed 5-10 years ago. There is a little diner in Bethel called the Jukebox Junction and it is pretty good but nothing fancy. They do have very good milk shakes.

    1. Yes, the Miami restaurant on 19/23 has great (country) breakfasts - just be forwarned, the OJ comes in those little school lunch containers but the home fries (up till 11 am) have CRACK in them.