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mayo variations - ideas please!

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Hi all! I got a nifty immersion blender for my birthday and the first thing I made was mayonnaise. I love homemade mayo, but it was a pain to make. This thing makes it a breeze. So.....I got a little carried away and have, er, rather a lot of mayo in my fridge! It is plain, made with olive oil. I made some of it into tartar sauce and we have had fish two nights in a row.

Any other ideas for tartar sauce and/or doctoring up and using homemade mayonnaise? Also, I plan to be making more in the future and I was curious to hear what people think about using different oils to make it and adding things in right as you mix it up. Basically, I am on a mayonnaise kick and I want all your great ideas, serving suggestions, and recipes! Thanks.

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  1. I make Mom's Russian-type salad dressing (or pink sauce for shrimp cocktail) by whisking together mayo, a little sugar or Splenda, bottled chili sauce (the stuff sold next to the ketchup), and jarred horseradish. With storebought mayo, I find the dressing blends best if I whisk the mayo in the bowl before adding the other ingredients. No exact measurements - roughly equal volumes of mayo and chili sauce but adjust to taste.

    Mayo is used in Ranch and other salad dressings - recipes abound. And there's chocolate cake made with mayo.

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        beat me to it '-). LOVE sriracha mayo for BLTs.

        as for the OP -- add your favorite herbs, or a little pesto. or smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. or a little mustard & ketchup for burger sauce.

        or a little citrus zest for a seafood dip. or garlic for aioli.

        i guess i like mayo more than i thought i did.

      2. Wasabi! Curry! Or mix it with white vinegar for a great French fry or potato chip dip.

        1. Oh man, everyone, you are getting me so excited! Why was my concept of mayonnaise so constrained?! You are totally breaking me out of my inside-the-box mayo thinking. Love it!

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            Chipotles in adobo, or just a lil bit of the adobo sauce it comes in.

            A lil bit of Sesame oil with hot red pepper.

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              LOVE chipotle mayo in chicken salad with shredded chicken, plenty of fresh cilantro, chopped red or green onion & a squeeze of lime.

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                to the chipotle add lime juice and a little sour cream.. mmmmmmmm

            2. Roast off some tomatoes and throw them in with a couple of your favorite herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley...). Serve with grilled chicken. Very good!

              1. Mix with lots of fresh chopped rosemary and parsley, some dijon mustard, ground black pepper and a bit of salt and toss with potato wedges and roast in a high heat oven until tender throughout and a little crisped on the outer edges.

                1. Love this on steamed/roasted asparagus: mayo with cilantro or mint, chopped very fine and either orange zest or lemon zest and squeeze of lemon juice.
                  Also remember a basil mayo recipe that sis-in-law made for cucumber finger sandwiches. Divine!

                  1. Not even looking down, so sorry if these are repeats, but here's what I do to flavor mayo:

                    Add roasted garlic and some fresh lemon juice
                    Wasabi paste
                    Sriracha hot sauce
                    chili powder and fresh lime juice
                    any kind of pesto
                    roasted red peppers & basil
                    pickle juice brine

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                      all great suggestions as usual, my friend :)

                      i'll add:
                      - chopped capers and sun dried tomato puree
                      - horseradish
                      - minced fresh ginger (or ginger juice), toasted sesame oil & chopped green onion

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                        Thanks, always high praise coming from you! ;))

                        I know, I forgot horseradish, but saw someone else didn't! Love that with beef.

                        And, YUM, capers and s-d tomato puree?? Now I know what to do with those half finished jars of mine!!

                        And for the ginger one, sounds delicious, but do you ever get bits of ginger in your mouth and does it burn? Just wondering, since I don't seem to mince (anything!) well enough, (impatient!), have you ever used the jarred stuff? Maybe the taste isn't as good, since it's not cooked. I usually use ginger only as hunks to go in with my boiling rice, or the jarred stuff for marinades. Boring, I know!

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                          well we may not agree on microwave steamer bags, but we're usually on the same page when it comes to flavor :)

                          i've never even seen jarred minced ginger! the key to getting fresh ginger minced fine enough is to *grate* it with a microplane. works like a charm :) but the Ginger People ginger juice is a great shortcut, and it keeps for a long time in the fridge.

                          i go through phases with the sdt puree - occasionally when i'm making something that requires a couple of the tomatoes i'll rehydrate many more than necessary, puree the leftovers in the soaking liquid, and store in a glass jar in the fridge...then i try to find ways to use it up. i LOVE it in salad dressing - either in a vinaigrette with olive oil, dijon, garlic, balsamic, s&p and fresh basil (this is killer drizzled over roasted asparagus), or to add a twist to homemade buttermilk/ranch dressing. it also adds a terrific boost to simmered tomato sauce, and it's great in pesto.

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                            HAHAHAHA!! So true, Friend, so true!! That's okay, I respect yours, you respect mine, it's all good.

                            AAAHHHH! Never though to use the microplaner!! That's why I love this place!!

                            Sounds good, ghg, I'll let you know when I try it, and I just love all those ideas you gave me to use it, thanks.

                    2. Saffron
                      Chipotle in Adobo
                      Fresh Rosemary
                      Fresh Basil
                      Sun-Dried Tomato
                      Old Bay Seasoning

                      1. Thought of another one today: roasted shallots and lemon juice. Delicious with roast beef or tri tip sandwiches, like what I made for lunch today.

                        1. Green goddess salad dressing.

                          1. Don't forget AIOLI which is essentially a mayonnaise.

                            Had my cooking class yesterday wherein we made a "Smokey Pimentón Aioli" made with smoked Spanish paprika.

                            It was wonderful with the Eggs, olive oil, potatoes, chorizo "omelet" that we had.

                            1. Deviled eggs with home made mayo are great. Also for future mayos, I really like to use EVO and sherry vinegar. It is a strong flavor but really excellent.

                              1. Blue cheese dressing:
                                1 cup (non-fat) yogurt -- or sour cream
                                1 cup mayo
                                1 tbls granulated garlic
                                1 tbls worcestershire sauce
                                1 1/2 tsp lemon pepper
                                Whisk all the above then stir in:
                                6+ oz crumbled blue cheese

                                This was based on the original Vallee's Steak House recipe.

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                                1. re: junescook

                                  Wow, I haven't heard that name in years, don't recall the recipe, but thanks for the blast from the past!! And great way to use mayo, I'm going to have to try it!

                                  1. re: Phurstluv

                                    Years ago my wife was in a class with a woman whose husband was the manager of the local Vallee's in WHaven, CT. She gave her the recipe. Ever since, my wife's been making it for me using non-fat yogurt and low-fat mayo. It has fewer calories per Tblspn than bottled light dressings.

                                    1. re: junescook

                                      Nice! Wow, W. Haven, brings me back, I'm from North Haven, & my sister still lives there her husband's family is from W. Haven. Wait until I tell my Mom I'm making them the dressing when they come to visit me in LA!

                                2. Leek confit. I just made some and this thread has inspired me to make my own mayo since I recently found my DH's immersion blender.

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                                    YUM. ideas for the leek confit deserve their own thread ;) did you use Molly Wizenberg's recipe from Bon Appétit?

                                    1. re: Phurstluv

                                      Please share your technique, because I'm with ghg that it sounds wonderful, but I've never heard of using mayonnaise for that!

                                      1. re: dmd_kc

                                        i'm pretty sure she meant that she was going to use the confit to flavor some homemade mayo.

                                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                          Right, ghg that's what I was thinking.

                                          No, I just found some older leeks in the drawers, and was glad I didn't preprep them since they would've been dried out by now ;)) So I cleaned them then put them in the small dutchie with butter and salt, let simmer down, med high at first, then med lo. Once they started to caramelize, I added a pinch or two of brown sugar, since I didn't know how sweet they would be. Then some fresh black pepper, more salt and a splash of white balsamic. Then let it simmer for maybe 10 minutes more.

                                          I have not done the mayo yet, but thought I would, adding a tbsp or two at first, with a spritz of fresh lemon juice. Will let you know how it turns out.

                                    2. A lot of French home cooks make rouille by adding paprika and TONS of fresh garlic puree to prepared mayonnaise.

                                      And then that gives you an excuse to make fish soup Provençale, coat little toasts with the rouille and float them under a sprinkle of shredded Gruyere. I made this about two weeks ago, and I'm ready for it again already. That just might be my death row last dinner request, actually.

                                      1. Love the sriracha idea - that's one of my favorites. I also add a little balsamic for some sandwiches and another favorite is to add a bit of chopped chipotle in adobo. Great on smoked turkey!
                                        Pesto is another good add. Or rosemary for an earthy mayo.

                                        Now I feel like making a sandwich!