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Apr 23, 2010 09:26 AM

mayo variations - ideas please!

Hi all! I got a nifty immersion blender for my birthday and the first thing I made was mayonnaise. I love homemade mayo, but it was a pain to make. This thing makes it a breeze. So.....I got a little carried away and have, er, rather a lot of mayo in my fridge! It is plain, made with olive oil. I made some of it into tartar sauce and we have had fish two nights in a row.

Any other ideas for tartar sauce and/or doctoring up and using homemade mayonnaise? Also, I plan to be making more in the future and I was curious to hear what people think about using different oils to make it and adding things in right as you mix it up. Basically, I am on a mayonnaise kick and I want all your great ideas, serving suggestions, and recipes! Thanks.

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  1. I make Mom's Russian-type salad dressing (or pink sauce for shrimp cocktail) by whisking together mayo, a little sugar or Splenda, bottled chili sauce (the stuff sold next to the ketchup), and jarred horseradish. With storebought mayo, I find the dressing blends best if I whisk the mayo in the bowl before adding the other ingredients. No exact measurements - roughly equal volumes of mayo and chili sauce but adjust to taste.

    Mayo is used in Ranch and other salad dressings - recipes abound. And there's chocolate cake made with mayo.

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        beat me to it '-). LOVE sriracha mayo for BLTs.

        as for the OP -- add your favorite herbs, or a little pesto. or smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. or a little mustard & ketchup for burger sauce.

        or a little citrus zest for a seafood dip. or garlic for aioli.

        i guess i like mayo more than i thought i did.

      2. Wasabi! Curry! Or mix it with white vinegar for a great French fry or potato chip dip.

        1. Oh man, everyone, you are getting me so excited! Why was my concept of mayonnaise so constrained?! You are totally breaking me out of my inside-the-box mayo thinking. Love it!

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            Chipotles in adobo, or just a lil bit of the adobo sauce it comes in.

            A lil bit of Sesame oil with hot red pepper.

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              LOVE chipotle mayo in chicken salad with shredded chicken, plenty of fresh cilantro, chopped red or green onion & a squeeze of lime.

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                to the chipotle add lime juice and a little sour cream.. mmmmmmmm

            2. Roast off some tomatoes and throw them in with a couple of your favorite herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley...). Serve with grilled chicken. Very good!