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Apr 23, 2010 09:19 AM

Pal's Takeaway [San Francisco]

Pal's takaway is celbrating their one year anniversary today with three house-cured meat/fish slider specials:

American Kobe corned beef w/ spicy slaw and mustard and River Dog arugula
Slow-roasted Becker Lane BBQ chili lemon pork w/ River Dog arugula
Dave’s house-smoke Lake Superior whitefish w/ Meyer lemon ricotta, pickled onions, River dog arugula
Also an asparagus, ricotta, cucumber, arugula slider

3.25 each or or 3 for 9.00

You could do worse for lunch!

24th and Hampshire, SF. inside Tony's market.

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  1. I've just had the three-way sitting outside at a cafe table. My first time trying Pal's, what a great intro! I tasted a little of each first to decide what order to eat them. Started w BBQ pork as mildest, then whitefish, and ended w housecured Kobe corned beef. My favorite turned out to be the whitefish. Surprised me, the combo of lemony ricotta & tang of pickled red onions really made the smoked fish pop. But can't take anything away from the corned beef either as it's fantastic too.