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Apr 23, 2010 08:45 AM

ISO Yogurt/Cheese strainer in San Francisco

Does anyone know of a reputable cheese or yogurt supply shop in San Francisco?

I'm looking for a fine mesh strainer, plastic or wire, that will allow me to elevate a tub of yogurt after I've made it, so that I can strain it for thicker yogurt.

I've seen the contraption below on Amazon, but it only holds 3 cups of un-strained yogurt. I'd like something larger, but I like that the whole tub, with lid on, can be put into the fridge. That's a lot more convenient and hygienic than a cheescloth+strainer set over a large bowl overnight with no lid. TIA!

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  1. A large fine mesh strainer with cheese cloth would probably work.
    that's what I use to drain cottage cheese.

    Or this:

    1. I have one of these. The capacity is small but it does work wonderfully.

      1. How about a largish china cap and a muslin cone or even a very clean well washed ready to be thrown away tee shirt?

        1. I found this on Stonyfield's site. It's a cheesecloth with elastic that uses the 1 qt yogurt container the yogurt comes in, is reuseable and is only $ 4.00. I'm going to try it.

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            Actually, the strainer from Stonyfield is made of nylon mesh not cheesecloth as I originally thought and will hold the entire quart at once.

            1. re: cakebaker

              That's fantastic, and pretty close to what I'm looking for. I'll also ask at Beverage People and keep hunting for the perfect contraption. Thanks, everyone!

              Beverage People
              840 Piner Rd # 14, Santa Rosa, CA

              1. re: Pei

                Although I'm looking forward to getting the stonyfield strainer (so easy to store) if you already have the "wave" that holds 3 cups...what i used to do is add 2c. let it drain then add the remaining 2 cups and let it drain some more. then just mix it together when finished. but this seems much less complicated and easy to use if it holds up to repeated use it seems like it would be perfect to me. we'll see.

          2. not in sf, but The Beverage People in Santa Rosa has cheesemaking supplies.


            Beverage People
            840 Piner Rd # 14, Santa Rosa, CA