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Apr 23, 2010 08:24 AM

Just placed an order with the Tuna Guys -- Thoughts anyone?

I've gotten so tired of storebought tuna that is supposed to be fancy white albacore and the quality isn't there. So, a coworker and myself are splitting a half case of tuna from Tuna Guys. It's pricey but hopefully will be worth it. Does anyone else do business with them?

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  1. It is absolutely delicious! A friend gifted me a can a few years ago and I was hooked. Heh.

    It's pricy but so worth it.

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      I do now! We'll have to compare notes once the orders come in.

      1. re: Kater

        Okay, my order arrived today. I wasn't real pleased with their website saying allow 72 hours for processing and then seeing the message on my order "processing" for more than 2 weeks. After one unanswered e-mail, I called and was assured it would be shipped the next day a week later it still hadn't shipped. Guess I'm spoiled by LaTienda. When I place an order there on a Tuesday it arrives 2 days later. Anyhow, I hope the product makes up for it. Did you get your order?

        1. re: Pegmeister

          I just received mine as well. I hadn't called to follow up but I did forget that I even ordered it. We tried it yesterday and the consensus is that it's good but not worth ordering or paying extra for. However I think I need to give it another go before locking in on that conclusion!

    2. pegmeister
      I live on the upper cape (Cape Cod) and a local fish market sells Tuna Guys in individual cans for $3.99. It is good but I think Costco's Kirkland brand is just as good if not better for a lot less - $11.99 for eight 7 ounce cans.

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        I'll have to try Costo's tuna! Thanks!

      2. It's good for American Tuna salads, casseroles, etc. - a definite cut above Chicken of the Sea and all that supermarket stuff (at a somewhat higher price). I found their Yellowfin to be tastier than their Albacore. But the next level up is even better and worth the try (and the big bucks). If you're getting stuff from La Tienda, then you may already know about the Bigeye Ventresca (belly meat) from Ortiz or Bonita Del Norte - now this is the stuff you want in your Nicoise - or that you want to eat right out of the can (at $18/can, not necessarily every day...). Equivalent items are available at Whole Foods and similar places.

        Applehome -

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          I wondered about the tuna from LaTienda, and haven't yet tried it although I think I've probably ordered most everything else in their catalog. The Tuna Guys was good and my coworker and her family raved about it. I would order it again, but first I think I'll check out the Kirkland brand that barb2007 recommends.

          1. re: Pegmeister

            Try Day Island Fish Company. This tuna, hands down, is by far the best out of any mentioned above. They have pop top cans and the cans are filled with an actual 6 oz. of tuna, cooked only once. It is a solid piece of tuna in the can. Plus the price is a lot cheaper than Tuna Guys. They also ship out their products within a day of the order. The best thing about Day Island's tuna is that they know where the fish comes from. The fisherman is the owner of the company and he sees fit that the tuna are properly bled and blast frozen. Here's their website:

        2. My absolute favorite canned tuna is from a small family owned business in Oregon called Oregon's Choice. It is excellent quality fish, cooked once in the can. The cans are $5/ea, but contain 7.5 oz of tuna instead of 6.

          1. My favorite canned tuna is from St. Jude, a small family business in Seattle.
            I buy the "Natural" unsalted albacore. I prefer it for use in recipes, especially tuna salad. I add my own salt to taste.
            For eating plain, I buy the "Original". I don't like the flavored varieties.

            They sell a smaller can of premium belly tuna, but I don't see it on the website.

            I haven't ordered from Tuna Guys in many years. I do remember lots of problems with ordering.

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              This link is not functioning. Have you ordered recently?