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Apr 23, 2010 08:07 AM

Torino, Looking for Suggestions

Doing 3 days in Torino in Sept. Really looking forward to this wonderful city, have heard so many good things about it, and after seeing it on the 2006 Olympics we are finally getting there.

What's some good local dishes and where are the places to eat them?


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  1. I would suggest doing "Search this board" searches for both Torino and Turin. There have been recommendations & discussion about it here over the past year or two. Here is a link to one:

      1. You mustn't pass up the opportunity to go to Eataly if you are a food lover.

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          Yes, as I wrote in my report which I posted above, Eataly is a must for visitors to Turin. No doubt the New York version, when it opens later this year, will be but a shadow of the original, with exorbitant prices.

          I would not particularly recommend the ChocoPass, unless you get one free at your hotel.

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            Here my suggestion
            • La via del sale (no need to call for reservation): This place is a typical slow food spot, where to taste piedmonts “best of”, everything is delicious, I suggest you the anchovies in green sauce, all the “primi” and the meat (I remember an incredible brasato in wine jam). LA VIA DEL SALE - Via San Francesco da Paola 2 phone:011.888389. (30 to 50 Euros per person a complete menu).

            • Tre Galli:Well.. this is definetly the most knows restaurant of Torino, it is in the “quadrilatero romano” , everything there is fabulous, I would suggest you to make a reservation but, in perfect spirit of Torino you may simply go there and if you’ll not find a table just walk around and find another of the many restaurants. This is the center of the “movida” , where young ppl go to eat, drink, dance, talk..and of course meet. It’s open at lunch as for dinner but, definetly I suggest you to go there at night. (In Torino dinner means from 19.30 to midnight and sometimes over)TRE GALLI:Via Sant’Agostino 25, phone: 011.5217114

            • Porto di Savona: Maybe one of the best restaurants in Torino, but better to call before or, if you’re hanging around enter and reserve a table. It is on the “right top corner” of Piazza Vittorio, in its’ menu you’ll find all the typical piedmonts dishes. It definetly worth a visit, if you may go inside you’ll see a typical Italian “trattoria”..I personally suggest you the “tiramisu” or the “bonet” (pronounced beau-net (like bu(reau) and net(working)) as sweets at the end of the meal. . PORTO DI SAVONA: Piazza Vittorio 2 phone:0118173500

        2. I had a delicious and very interesting meal at la Badessa. I don't know what the locals think, but I enjoyed it.

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            As local I must say that la badessa is definetly a good spot to eat.. specially at summer when you may eat outside the resturant.