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Apr 23, 2010 07:09 AM

Looking for recs in the Algarve

Any suggestions appreciated, will be staying at Villa Vita Parc, which lists their area as Porches.

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  1. Best place to stay in the Algarve! In Vila Vita itself, you will be spoilt for choice, they have 6 good restaurants in the resort, including "Ocean" who has just bee awarded his 1st Michelin star (Chef Hans Neuner) and a very nice beach restaurant "Arte Nautica". Don't miss their excursion to the "Herdade dos Grous", their wine estate in the Alentejo.
    Out of the resort, you should go and have a lunch on the terrace of Vila Joya (Praia da Galé, nr. Albufeira), 2 Michelin stars. Lunch is cheaper than dinner (and less formal). If you rent a car, you will be pretty central for the whole of the Algarve! The best information is to be found at
    Enjoy your stay!

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    1. re: monchique

      Great suggestion, just booked Vila joya for lunch the sunday of our stay.

      1. re: ellenesk

        You won't regret it! Another favorite of mine in a completely different register, is Marisqueira Rui's in Silves, not very far from Vila Vita. Fish and shellfish at its best in a busy "brasserie" behind the market. Silves and his castle / museum are well worth a visit at the same time.
        The restaurant list and descriptions in "Essential Algarve" are pretty accurate.

        1. re: monchique

          I second the Rui rec ,really great they also have a great lunch special which I think you have to ask about,Fresh fish well prepared. Also grilled chicken at Valdemer no frills but always packed.on the river side of the market.

          1. re: LeRique

            On the menu at Rui's are quails, followed by one item called "etc..." at 24 Euros (I think) which I enquired recently about. It turns out they are "passarinhos fritos" (small birds) considered as a great delicacy here... If you are feeling adventurous, go for "perceves" (goose barnacles) and "Buzios" (sort of sea snails) as starters and ask the waiter to show you how to eat them (an acquired art!).