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Philly opinion from Jersey chow hounds ?

Going to Philly next month and looking to eat in center or south Philly. Have any favorites?

Thanks much!

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  1. My wife and I went to Philly not long ago and at at Meme, I thought it was wonderful.


    1. Barclay Prime's 20oz dry aged ribeye. Best I've ever had. Been to most of NYC and Chicago's finest and BP really surprised me.


      Another fave is Supper. We had a great dinner there with another couple. Grazed through a lot of the menu, sharing everything!


      1. Any self-respecting food geek visiting Philadelphia need make time to go to the Reading Terminal Market. Roast pork, provolone & greens is my favorite, but there is almost too much deliciousness under that roof!

        1. Pick up pizza and stromboli from Caccia's on 16th and Ritner in South Philly for the freezer at home.

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            Cacia's stromboli is good, but I like it better at Carangi's on Oregon Ave. near 12th St.

          2. I used to really like the fish and octupus at Dmitri's, but i haven't been there in a few years.

            My friends have been raving about Morimoto also...so jealous I haven't been! :(

            And of course there's the cheesesteaks....

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            1. I love, love, love L'Angolo, 1415 Porter St. in South Philly.

              Like a mom & pop trattoria in Italy.

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                A hundred agreements on this one. We were just there this past Saturday and was crazy good as usual. And it's BYOB, my favorite part. If you go, call and make a reservation at least a week ahead, it's small and gets very crowded.

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                  I've been meaning to get here for a while. What is good to order? When doing Italian, we usually like to split an app/antipasti, a pasta, and a meat course.

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                    On my one visit, the grilled calamari, prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, and roasted mushrooms were all terrific antipasti, by far my favorite things about the meal; the lobster ravioli would be my pick for pasta (I did not care for their homemade noodles--gummy, stuck-together--nor the spaghetti with tomato and ricotta salata); and one of the veal or pork options for secondi (the chicken I tasted was cooked too far past tender). On my visit, the secondi were served with a dollop of mashed potatoes and a side of greens, and were huge. I must say, I don't think the cooking at L'angolo is quite in the same league as comparable places like Melograno, Le Virtu, or even Modo Mio, and the prices felt a bit high to me...

              2. For romance, view and atmosphere (and great food) XIX (Nineteen) at the top floor of the Bellevue).

                Good italian can be found all over, but we like Sotto/Upstares at Varelli.

                Fresh fish/Greek - Estia, across the street from Academy of Music.

                Mexican: El Vez..

                Good, basic pub food: Fado's Irish Pub.

                Reading Terminal Market.

                Historic fare: City Tavern in Center City.

                City Tavern
                1109 Elizabeth Ave Ste A, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

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                  Agree on XIX but would have to disagree with Sotto/Upstairs Varalli for Italian. There are so many better places in Philadelphia. Modo Mio (near 2nd and Girard) would be my choice. BYOB and great food. Very reasonable prices for the quality.

                2. went to Tinto last week and loved it, along with their next-door bar, Village Whiskey... and I also vote for a stop at Reading Terminal Market...

                    1. Bibou 8th and Carpenter, BYO-french

                      1. Bibou. (byob)



                        I think L'Angolo has slipped. It is good value for the money and nice, homey atmosphere but IMHO the food nowhere rivals other places that have been suggested.

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                          That's two strikes on L'Angolo. How does it compare to their sister restaurant in CC, Salento? (pretty sure that is the name)

                        2. Thanks to all for your great recommendations.