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Apr 23, 2010 06:02 AM

Anyone been to Splash in Westport?

We're headed there with some friends this weekend. A look at the online menu was intriguing, but it was a "sample menu" - updated who knows when - and there were no prices listed, which makes me wonder.

I'd appreciate any ideas about what's good or not, the wine list and atmosphere. Thanks.

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  1. the jfoods go there once or twice in the summer on a nice saturday evening. inside is very noisy, and the outside is great overlooking the sound but can be a bit of a wait. There is a side area and a larger area directly over the water, if you can get the latter, it is a better view.

    The food is very good, a bit pricey (you pay a premium for the location).

    Overall the jfoods like this for a changeof pace.

    The jfoods will go again this summer as well.

    1. Fcmenutalk really enjoys Splash. The "cracklin calamari salad" is unbelievable. True - it is a bit pricey, but generally worth it. Nice to sit outside. Do NOT go to Splash if you are looking for the service to top-notch, because it definitely is not. Definitely worth going.

      In the summer, they have a patio, actually it's a manmade beach, downstairs. Great location for a happy hour!

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        Fcmenutalk is correct, definitely get the cracklin calamari salad...firecracker spring rolls are tasty...I love the swordfish entree with soba noodles...if you search the old tristate board there will be some other posts about Splash, I know I've posted about it before. And yes, the service is pretty bad...and it is very loud...but if it's a nice night and you can sit outside it will be very enjoyable.

      2. OMG. It's still there? Wow! We loved it back in the 90's- beautiful setting, great outside bar/patio, good food. The waitstaff/hostesses sucked, though. Rude, condescending,unfriendly, young people on the main. At least that was our experience. Kind of the like the people who live there (and why we moved!).

        Uh oh. I'm going to be in trouble w/that comment. But I stand by it.

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          Beautiful setting, yes! Great outside bar, yes! Why I won't go, I hate to pay good money for a drink an get it served in a plastic cup.

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            Was it at least from the "Martha Stewart Collection" of plasticware?!