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Apr 23, 2010 05:22 AM

Suggestions for eating in San Sebastian?

I am heading to San Sebastian for a few days in June and I wanted to know if anyone could suggest some places to go for very authentic/traditional Spanish tapas.


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  1. Try this site, the route guide works in English, but the bar guide only works in Basque/Spanish ( Also search the board, lots of ideas. Tapas are difficult to miss in SS, lots of choice from the traditional to the avant-garde - all are authentic.

    1. I second Phil's website but find the following link works better and is in English:
      But in order to order the recommended dish, you have to go back to the Spanish site to find the name in Spanish.
      I would also add Astela on Constitution Square to the list.

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      1. re: Parigi

        Sorriest I obviously wrote with my eyes closed.
        I meant Astelena, noit Astela.
        On C/ Euskalerría (sometimes spelled Euskal Herria).

      2. Pintxos in San Sebastian are not "authentic" Spanish tapas. They are just --unmissable-- "Basque pintxos". Tapas is a "generic name" in Spain. Many restaurants, in touristy areas, call "tapas" to menu dishes. Do not forget this: REAL TAPAS CONSIST OF FINGER FOOD TO EAT STANDING AT THE COUNTER. You'll find 'aperitivos' --small tapas for free on mid-day-- in some traditional bars of Madrid, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca... The biggest tapas for free are got in Eastern Andalusia: provinces of Jaén, Granada and Almería. Tapas are not very popular in Barcelona.
        Remember this: "tapas restaurants" are often tourist traps.

        1. Basic glossary for a pintxos crawl in the Basque Country:
          How to pronounce "pintxo" (Basque tapa) = peen-cho
          How to pronounce "zurito" (small glass of beer)= thu-ri-toh
          How to pronounce "txikito" (small glass of wine)= chi-kee-toh
          How to pronounce "la cuenta, por favor" (the bill, please) = lah kwen-tah pohr fah-bohr
          How to pronounce "donde están los servicios, por favor? (where is the toilet room, please?) = dohn-deh ehs-tahn lohs sehr-bee-thiohs, pohr fah-bohr?

          1. I was just there 3 weeks ago...You cant miss: bar Txepetxa (best Anchovy pintxos), Gambara (fullon Pintxos bar). Also Cuchara de Sant Telmo is a must. If you want a bit more modern Pintxos, I also tried a FUEGO NEGRO which was ok...

            You can read about it in my blog:



            Enjoy you will love San Sebastian