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Apr 22, 2010 08:53 PM

Great new brewpub in Ferguson, MO

For those who have despaired of eating good, non-chain eats around Lambert or UMSL, you are now in luck. Hills' Brewhouse (microbrew) is now open on Florissant Ave. just a few miles north of I-70. Great rehabbed commercial building, 11 in-house brews worth trying, and a nice gastropub-type menu. Smoker on-site, bbq is very good. Something for everyone on the menu. Service has been great. Highly recommended. Cork Wine Bar is across the street, both are well worth a visit.

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  1. We'll definitely have to check this out. My husband loves brewpubs. Combined with some decent bbq, you've probably just hit upon his idea of heaven!

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      I should also add that Ferguson has other good places: Vincenzo's. Whistlestop, Table Thyme (I think that's the name, not been) as well as others.

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        We went Friday night; mixed reviews. My husband and friend loved the beers. They liked that so many were on tap instead of rotating seasonal ones in and out.

        Everyone but me ordered bbq and were very pleased with it. The two guys got the platters and had lots of food. BBQ sauce was in the sweet range versus spicy. I ordered the beer cheese soup. I was told it was the bottom of the pot so it would be a bit till they could bring out the next batch. It was cold when it did come out. I have never sent food back to the kitchen, but the soup went back. I think it would've tasted fine if it had even been a bit warm. They were apologetic and did give me a complementary french onion soup (not bad, but not special).

        Service - very very slow. Not an especially big deal because we enjoyed the company and the beer but definitely slow enough to warrant a mention.

        We'll definitely give it another whirl sometime.

        1. re: kroppinkris

          My service over several visits has been pretty good, but I have tended to avoid peak times. They do seem like they have plenty of staff. Tried to stop by one Friday night and it was a madhouse. Had a burger and the beer sampler there last time, both very good. I'd give them another try, as you said.