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Apr 22, 2010 06:55 PM


ANYWHERE in OC I want ; dinner is on her (and she can afford it).

The Caveats :
1. Mom recoils at fish of any kind (yet it is my favorite).
2. Mom does not go t o LA - it is SOOO Far! That is ridiculous!
3. There must be music (think high end - dark lounge -y Rat-Pack vibe - and all it entails).

My picks would be:
1. M Moderne (frogs legs & sweetbreads) music?
2. Stonehill (Osetra and food was always good in past visits) music?
3. Mastro's Ocean Club (because I think they may have music & mom pleasing atmosphere)

I have never been to the 3rd - but thought it may be a nice compromise.
I was wondering if any of you may know of other places that fit this bill???
Trust me - Mom can afford it!
The music requirement really throws me - its just been a while since I have been anywhere like that. Sort of a nice nostalgia though . . . in the 70's - that's what my parents did on Friday or Sat nights - they went OUT.
OUT was a high end place where there was great food and music. I still remember my 1st trip to the "Velvet Turtle" for my 10th birthday. Very "swank".

Are there still places like that around? If so - will you post?
Thanks in advance . . .

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    'Nuff said. She won't notice there's no live band. Well, I guess I wouldn't call it SWANK, but LUSCIOUS and DELICIOUS, yes.

    Man, are you lucky.......

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    1. re: Phurstluv

      Oooh - there's a thought. Do they still have the "Club Room"? That was her and my dad's favorite haunt. Great rec. I'll check into it. Thanks!
      . . . yeah; it's not every year you can count n your Mom forgetting your birthday (hee hee).
      I think I'll try and get a pair of Louboutin's out of it too! Got to have shoes to wear to dinner - right?

      1. re: michelle in laguna

        Prolly, don't know, I live in LA, but I did get married there, so it holds a SPECIAL place in my heart!!

        You lucky shit, I'm so jealous, wish my mom with a friggin' elephants memory would forget just once.......HAVE FUN!! AND YES, GET THE SHOES/BOOTS TOO!! Only a child can guilt a parent into that.......