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Apr 22, 2010 05:58 PM

More pho coming to Malden?

Saw a sign in a storefront on Pleasant Street (I think it used to be a jewelry store) that a new restaurant is coming, Pho something or other. Anyone heard about it? Can Pleasant Street support a third Vietnamese restaurant? Also noticed a sign a little farther up that a new market is going in, I think it was called Olives. I'll be interested to see what they carry...

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  1. Haven't heard about either or those but have heard rumors that a new firefighter themed pub is going in across from the Honey Fitz. With all the new(ish) restaurants (Exchange St., All Seasons) maybe the rest of Malden Square will shape up.

    1. I saw a sign in the window where Payless Shoes used to be that said Pho Hoa was coming soon. That was around 2-3 months ago and I havent seen anything yet. I think it should be fine because the other Vietnamese options are not top notch like that. Saigon Noodle is a bit better than Pho 99 imho but I only go to either of those when I am craving Vietnamese and just do not feel like trekking to Boston.

      Saigon Noodle
      381 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

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        That would be nice if another Pho place came. I used to enjoy Saigon Noodle, but around 18 months ago it really went downhill for me. I started having mediocre to somewhat bad experiences there and stopped going. Pho 99 has never really thrilled me--maybe it's the atmosphere.

        Saigon Noodle
        381 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

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          Pho Hoa is opening a branch in Malden. Saigon Noodle and Pho 99 are both terrible.

          1. re: joebloe

            Yeah they are both pretty bad but I think Saigon Noodle is the lesser of two evils

            Saigon Noodle
            381 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

      2. We went to the new Pho Hoa yesterday for lunch. Short version: Very slow service, decent (but not amazing) food.

        Long version: We came in and sat right down, and ordered within a few minutes. Then we waited, for a WHILE, for anything. Eventually our drinks showed up. I got the standard iced coffee with condensed milk which was fine, and my DC had a "lime drink", which we took for the sparkling limeade, but was definitely not sparkling. Our bad for not asking. The only issue here was that they were both served in these styrofoam snack-bar-style hot cups with the little peelback lids, and neither were all that cold.

        We ordered the fresh rolls with pork meatballs which were quite good, but unfortunately showed up AFTER our bowls of soup. Regardless they were tasty, but the sequence issues were a touch annoying. I got beef Pho with the brisket and meatballs, and my DC got Pho Ga. Mine was pretty good (if a bit bland) with fatty meats as ordered and big meatballs. I didn't finish because I was full, but nevertheless it was a decent effort. The Pho Ga had a great chicken-y broth, but that was about all there was to it. It seemed to lack the usual spices and crispy shallot (or is it garlic?) bits. That said, we usually find the opposite (spices but missing the chicken flavor) so it wasn't terrible. The chicken pieces themselves were strangely slices off a thick breast piece and were a bit overdone.

        With the slow service, the o.k. food, and the large selection of places in our area otherwise we probably won't come back any time soon. We haven't been to the other two places on the street so I can't make a direct comparison in the immediate neighborhood.

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          Thanks for the review. I noticed last week that they had opened and was wondering how it was...

        2. Update: the market opened about 2 months ago, but I just got to stop in today. Didn't get much chance to browse since the kids were with me but it looks very promising. It's Moroccan and they carry groceries, fresh meats and some produce, as well as cookware (the display of tagines and steamers in the window is very enticing). They also have wrap sandwiches and salads, with a very small seating area (one table?) so mostly for takeout. The proprietress said that everything was fresh and, I think, organic. Can't wait to go back and try it out.