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Apr 22, 2010 05:36 PM

Bangkok Spice Thai in Reading

While I'm no expert on Thai Cuisine, I just an hour ago picked up some takeout from Bangkok Spice. the food was very fresh and flavorful. I got the Traditional Pad Thai (with Chicken and Shrimp) and asked them to make it spicy. It was well executed. I also got an order of Thai Rolls (4 to the order) and they were also great.

Can anyone add to the discussion? What must I try from there next time?
One of thier House Specialties looks very intriguing.....Seafood Kra Pao.

Would love to hear other opinions!


Bangkok Spice Thai Restaurant
76 Haven St, Reading, MA 01867

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  1. No but thanks I am always looking for a good Thai joint on the NS or nearby anyway.....thanks and will check it out..

    1. I used to hit this place for lunch quite often and always enjoyed it. The owner/chef does a very credible job of traditional Thai food. I always enjoyed his Basil Pad Thai but any of the Prik King dishes are good too. The only problem with the place is that the ventilation could be better because every time I have gone their it seems like you come away smelling like you have been cooking in the kitchen.

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        RoyRon, what would Prik King dishes be like? Not familiar.