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Apr 22, 2010 03:54 PM

which island has the best food in the caribbean?

trying to figure out where to go for our honeymoon in november and would like to stay somewhere that has great local food, excluding puerto rico, jamaica, and dominican. not looking for anything too precious, i am assuming (and correct me if i'm wrong) that better "gourmet" food can be found in the states. where would you go if it was based on food alone?

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  1. There is plenty of "gourmet" throughout the Caribbean. For a honeymoon mix of fine dining and local flavor, I suggest St. Martin /St. Maarten, Provo (Turks & Caicos), and new to my list would be Ambergris Caye, Belize. Cuba is a definite no.

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      Veggo, where on St Martin/St Maarten? Other than the Grand Case recs, which are prevalent here and elsewhere. More likely a nice lunch in Marigot or Phillipsburg. Always up at Orient Beach.

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        You're bad.....daytime bar food, conch fritters and the like with a Heineken, is better in Phillipsburg on the leeward side around the marina, later Marigot for dinner after cleaning up. Cupecoy used to be my fave. Always fun to drive the ring road in a jeep and sniff out the roadside fare. Orient? I have the keel, alright, but the main sail doesn't set like the days of old.

    2. Sint Maarten/St Martin has the most upscale restaurants in the Caribbean. Many of them are on the French side in Grand Case.

      1. Another vote for the French side of St. Martin. Second is Puerto Rico. Everything else is in between those two and Jamaica is last.

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          I have traveled to most of the Caribbean islands and Anguilla's dining the most diverse and imho the best. Some examples include Luna Rosa, Veya, Koal Keel, Picante, Hibernia, and Malliouhana to name a few. I cannot wait to try Jacala in June for my 4th trip to AXA.

          1. Jamaica dining was so so for me. Local eats for sure amazing...Jerk cannot compare. San Juan has some great chefs. Pikayo, Pamela's, Dragonfly to name a few I have loved. If you have a choice consider French Sint Martin, St. Barths or Anguilla for amazing dining.

            1. Great "local" food is the key here. I personally wouldn't go on a Caribbean food adventure wanting to be served by a "chef". You can get haughty cuisine in many countries...and you might as well do that here in the States. Hopefully you'll find the right island that can offer you great local cuisine.

              The most outstanding food can be found on Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad isn't exactly a tourist/honeymoon destination. The sister island of Tobago offers more along the lines of vacationers, but I'm not sure of restaurant options there. Street food is the way to go in most Caribbean countries...or find a good local fete to attend.

              Best of luck on the quest.