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Apr 22, 2010 03:42 PM

Brinkley Farms CSA

We just recently moved from Florida and had not ever heard of CSA'a. For those you who haven't, it is a community supported agriculture share. You pay at the beginning of the season, and pick up food weekly during crop seasons. Well, we just got our first pick up from Brinkley Farm, and it was AWESOME! This particular farm has meat and eggs as well. We got some smoked polish sausage, my wife who doesn't like sausage loved it, and I think it was the best sausage I have ever had. We also got a mix mag of fresh lettuces..and green garlic (which I had never even heard of) and I made a salad with carrots and apples.....Everything was so fresh (obviously), it was incredible. We got a bunch of Kale too, which we haven't tried yet, but I'll update tomorrow. I just feel so lucky to have this sort of "farm to the table" experience literally right at home! Florida sucks! Brinkley Farm rocks!

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  1. Oh...this is in Creedmoor, NC and services the triangle.....

    1. I did their CSA a few years ago for the spring and was very happy with the food and the ease of the whole thing. I stopped since the p/u site was getting very inconvenient for me.

      I spent many years in Fl. and always had access to "farm to table" experiences - just takes a bit of digging. Best way there to tap into it is to join an organic gardening group - even if you don't garden. It quickly helps you learn who is doing what foodwise. Asking at your local food coop or natural foods store often will get you that kind of info too!

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        Where in Fl were you?...We were in Miami...I never heard of a

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          I spent time in Tallahassee, St. Augustine and the Tampa Bay area.
          While CSA's were not known at that time, we seemed to find sources in each area.
          In the panhandle I had access to veggies, farmed catfish (very new at the time), rabbit chicken and eggs. Most memorable in the Tampa area was a woman who had a huge variety of bananas and rabbits - a relationship that she felt was perfectly symbiotic. Bananas drop lots of leaves, bunnies leave lots of droppings - bananas are heavy feeders so it works out great!

          The first I heard of a CSA was when I was in living in Tn. A friend was dating a guy who was involved in one - this was around '97. It was some time before I really heard much about them after that.

          We are fortunate to have so much accessible, local food in this area. If Brinkley includes new potatoes in your box you are in for a treat! The ones I had were the best I've ever tasted - they are reason enough to sign up!

          You may be interested in the Piedmont farm tour going on this weekend:

          I see you are in Durham, you can buy your button at the Durhams Farmers Market!

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          I seem to remember you highly recommending one of the local CSAs. Was this the one? I'm totally OCD and plan my menus a week in advance, and am wondering how this would work out with having a CSA. From what I remember, the one you raved about was good for people like me. Forgive me if my memory is just messed up on what/who posted.

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            Yes this is the one!

            Your share gets broken down into a weekly dollar allowance. About 5 days prior to pickup you are e-mailed a list of what will be available, including their meats - each item is priced. You e-mail back with your order.

            I liked that I had a heads up and could do a little advance planning recipe-wise. Without that extra time I probably would have had a fair amount become compost! They were also great about letting you skip a week (with notice) and have double the amount at the next pick-up. This system gave me enough to control to feel comfortable yet still allowed for a lot of inspiration and excitement that comes from trying something new.

            For me the only negative was that the p/u location was a fair distance from home. That year my car was having increasing senior moments and gas prices were going up daily so the distance became an issue. They were great and let me combine weeks allowance and go to a bi-weekly pick-up.

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              Thanks so much. I'm going to look into it.

              1. re: LulusMom

                another advantage is that brinkley divides up into different seasons, so you don't have to commit to 20+ weeks of produce. it's nice if you're unsure if a CSA will fit your lifestyle.

                the spring/summer season runs from mid april to beginning of july. the summer/fall season runs mid july to end of september. and the winter season runs november to end of january. all seasons exclude holiday weeks.

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            I actually dropped my other CSA and picked up Brinkley due to the pick up day and location. I honestly cant stand the crowds at the saturday market, thus why i prefer wednesday market if i need anything. the tuesday pickup at Duke gardens helps me avoid the throngs...

          3. Brinkley Farms, if I remember correctly, also mills their own flour. Yeah I didn't know what CSAs were before moving to this area. It took me a year after that to understand what they were and now Duke has an equivalent with fish... at least I think that is still going on. While, I've never joined a CSA, they definitely are a great way to support local ingredients and give back to the people who work so hard to provide them. I don't know waht I'd do with all the produce. I've not been cooking much lately.

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                when i finally learned about them, did the math, it made so much more sense. I get way more for my money. You initially look at the price and think, No way! too expensive, but you really have to break it down and look at the weekly amount

              2. This will be my 2nd season with Brinkley farms and am officially spoiled with the fact that I can choose what i get in my box, and that i can get fresh whole wheat flour, cornmeal, eggs, meats, chicken and sausage in that mix. I can even go over the weekly allotment and just pay them the difference in cash when I pick it up.

                I also moved here from Miami (years ago) and know what you mean about finding fresh local stuff there--its all so instant gratification all year round, growing seasons and fresh food is taken for granted unless its seafood. (Next year, try Walking Fish CSF for your fresh from the coast seafood fix).

                plus, anyone with a yard generally just fills it with concrete..meh.

                so welcome to NC! hope you love your stay!

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                1. re: TSQ75

                  Thanks alot! I appreciate it...Can you go over as much as you want? This week we went over $3..but if I want eggs and flour 1 week, I could spend $30...We will definitely look into Walking Fish..thanks