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THE VERY BEST chilaquiles

Where do I go?

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  1. Haven't tried either but Angela's has it on the breakfast menu (without egg) and Jalisco has it with egg (a la migas)

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      Angela's definitely comes with eggs. And I'm far from an expert on the dish, but I love Angela's chilaquiles.

      1. re: erwocky

        Good to know! I must have misread the menu.

    2. Rubee's house in Phoenix. ;-)

      Or, if you can't get there, Angela's are pretty good. I LOVE chilaquiles!

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      1. re: yumyum

        I love them too. The best I've ever had was in Phoenix. ;-)

      2. Sorry to be snarky, but the answer to "where do I go" is Leave Massachusetts.
        Phoenix would be a good start.

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          Yeah, unfortunately I'm not able to travel right now, so I wanted to know of places in the Boston area.

        2. I had some pretty decent chilaquiles at brunch on a Sunday at Tu Y Yo in Somerville.

          1. El Sarape-Weymouth landing. This place has delicious,fresh food. Chilaquiles-tasty!

            1. I would go with Angela's in East Boston...Had them yesterday and they were terrific!

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                Agree with the Angela's recs. That's probably my favorite dish there. Usually get the green sauce with it, and they are just top notch.

              2. I don't know about good ones but I would certainly avoid the chilaquiles at Cantina La Mexicana in Somerville. Bland sauce, not the least bit hot even though I ordered them spicy. The chicken was just a thin cut breast grilled on the flattop, chopped up and piled next to the tortillas. I didn't like the way the tortillas were cut up in small squares rather than kept whole or at least large triangles.

                1. Just got back from a chilaquiles run at Angela's... fantastic! I felt like I was in Mexico.

                  (The red tint is due to the sun coming through the curtains. I even did some (very basic) color correction.)

                  Angela's Cafe
                  131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

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                    chof, would you plse describe them? they are prepared differently depending upon chef's region.

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                      Tortillas, tremendously good sauce (a spicy red sauce), and then layers of chicken, onion, and cheese. Also, sour cream, which I had on the side. And some avocado slices. Oh, and a couple eggs, perfectly cooked. Quite satisfying. Good thing I had to work in the garden all morning.

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                        chof, they don't do it as a 'casserole', all baked together? they layer it to order?
                        thnx again.

                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                          That's "Señor Chof" to you... :-)

                          Not sure how they made it, but I don't think it's baked. The tortillas and sauce are cooked together in a pan (to order). At least, that's what I thought, and nothing I saw contradicted that.

                  2. Third them Angela's chilaquiles, especially under the watchful eye of mamá. A great way to start a weekend.


                    1. ChowDown time at Angela's coming soon - let me know** if you have preferences! Probably Sun, Oct 31 at lunch....

                      Please PUT "CHOW" in the SUBJECT line!

                      ** Contacting: Click on my screen name and look under my profile on the upper right to see how...

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                        Just a reminder in case you want to slide the time, as I'm sure you know, Angela's closes at 3pm on Sunday.