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Apr 22, 2010 02:32 PM

Best cupcakes in LA??

I'd like to send a dozen (maybe 2) cupcakes to a friend at his office as a congratulations gift but don't know who to call. They need to be able to deliver them to his office downtown. If someone does the individual "mini" style cupcakes, that might work even better for sharing but overall I'm just looking for the best cupcakes in town! HELP!

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  1. Oh that's an easy one, is just what you are looking for

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      This place looks awesome! Thanks so much!

      1. re: wienermobile

        Definitely, Susie Cakes!! They will do the mini-style via special order.

      2. I had this same dilemma for my boyfriends birthday in July. I was throwing him a surprise party, so I couldn't exactly bake 50 cupcakes without him catching on.

        I considered all of the popular bakeshops, then went off the beaten path to a smaller place. Sweet E's does the mini cupcakes in interesting flavors, cute decoration, and they are really tasty. Not overly sweet. And they deliver the cupcakes themselves. They were definitely a hit.

        1. Bouche Bistro in Long Beach only makes one flavor per day, but they are fabulous and definitely rank as my favorites, at least since Leda's closed.

          1. I'm afraid this won't be of much help to the OP (and I'm not even 100% sure it's within the official area of the LA board?) but next time you're in Ojai -- and why not? it's a lovely time of year there, with all the wildflowers blooming in the valley -- you shouldn't miss the cupcakes at KNEAD Bakery. Aesthetically beautiful, and just mindblowingly yummy ... still can't get last weekend's carrot cupcake out of my mind...