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Apr 22, 2010 01:38 PM

Which has Better Food: Calamigos or Malibou Lake?

I am planning to get married next spring and am really torn on which venue to choose: Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank or Malibou Lake Club in Agoura Hills. I want to base my final decision on food, but they do not allow food tastings before a contract is signed. Calamigos uses their own catering, while Malibou uses Truly Yours Catering. Has anyone ever had the food at these places? Good and/or bad experiences? Anything is helpful... I need to decide ASAP! (also, I've read older posts on Truly Yours Catering but I'm hoping for updated reviews) THANKS!!

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  1. I was married eight years ago at Calamigos. The buffet was frankly a lot better than the sit-down dinner; we'd gone to a function with the sit-down and it was underwhelming, but people really talked about the buffet.

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      Did you have the buffet for your wedding? I was leaning towards the sit-down, but I didn't know food quality would be worse. I was hoping it would be better actually...

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        I had the buffet... they did a good job (bearing in mind that we're talking about large catering; this is not Wolfgang Puck's Oscar dinner here). People talked about the fruit and salad platters for years.

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          I'll look into that then, thanks for your help!

    2. I attended a wedding at Malibou Lake and Truly Yours had very good food. Don't remember theh particulars, sorry.

      1. I was just involved with an event with Calamigos Malibu. The food was subpar, at premium pricing. I did not like working with the organization.

        1. We attended a wedding at Malibu Lake last summer. Food was a little bit above average for a sit down wedding dinner.

          1. My company hosts our annual summer picnic at Calamigos every year...we rent out the entire facility. Though the food is not sophisticated at all...our barbeque buffets have always been great. How they manage to feed over a thousand people (and feed them pretty well) is beyond me.