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Jun 14, 2005 08:54 PM


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Does anyone know where I can get fried scrapple and eggs for breakfast?

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  1. Yum! The last place I had it in So. Cal. was at the late, lamented Belisles in Garden Grove.

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    1. re: Dorothy

      Every time someone asks this question (more often than you might think; less often than "ribs"), I mention that Paty's in Toluca Lake serves scrapple. With eggs? No idea.

      1. re: TE

        Do you have an address for Paty's?

        1. re: martyR

          Paty's Restaurant 10001 Riverside Dr. Toluca Lake, CA

          1. re: LT from LF

            Heck, I gave you the nae and the city -- more than many 'Hounds post -- and you want me to look up the info for you, too?

            Well, LF already did that for you, but here's some more. Maybe you could call and ask 'em if they serve scrapple and eggs.


            1. re: TE

              Thank you. I'm sorry to have put such a burden on you. Please excuse the inconvenience.

              1. re: TE

                i agree, TE. how much does it take to google it? sometimes questions can drive a person bonkers

      2. Doughboys has a Scrapple and eggs dish I've been tempted to try (I love me spiced pork products!)

        Doughboys is on 3rd street, a little 'sceney' but casual...


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          Sunshine Girl

          When I first moved out here from PA, I actually found scrapple in the freezer at Ralphs (on Olympic at Barrington) and gave it to another east coaster as a gift.

          So, if you were up for it, you could probably make your own scrapple and eggs, and not have to worry about directions or the rest!

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          1. re: Sunshine Girl

            Yes. It's still available at most Ralph's. Jone's brand.

            1. re: Sunshine Girl

              I tried the one at Ralph's and found it too bland. I expected something with more taste and spicier.

              1. re: Sunshine Girl

                Ralph's In San Dimas had Habersett's too when I moved to Glendora in 1975. Eventually, they replaced it with a Farmer John's Scrapple from Minn. or some place near the upper mid-west. It was the poorest example of scrapple I ever ate. The rest of it went into the trash. Ralph's got it back again. It was always n the frozen case.It finally disappeared.
                My brother use to bring scrapple out here on his visits and had it frozen before he took off in the air. He brought another brand from Delaware, but it wasn't as tasty as Habersett's. Just got back from DE, PA and MD. Had some at a local restaurant in central DE......not so good. By the way, the Habersett family were the biggest benefactors at our family church in Aston, PA. (Mt. Hope Methodist Church)

                1. re: collingdalepa

                  Call Huntington Meats in The Original Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax.

              2. I must get over to Paty's a well known Toluca Lake local hangout. Haven't been for several years. Other than that I would do mail order before Jones frozen which I've tried as a last resort. I've posted the URL below so give it a try. All you need now is someone to make the eggs for you. Do you put maple syrup on your scrapple?


                1. Doughboys' scrapple is frequently unavailable, and isn't very appetizing. The Jones brand sold in the Ralphs freezer section is actually excellent. It's a little fussy to prepare properly, but the package instructions are generally sound and, with a little practice, you can make a killer breakfast with it.

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                  1. re: Tony Miller

                    I find the Jones scrapple tasty enough, but extremely fatty. The kind I like is mostly mush and meat with just enough fat to grease the griddle. As Doughboy's is kind of a schlep for me, could you explain what you find unappetizing about their scrapple?

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      I slice the Jones stuff thin, flour it on both sides, and fry it 10 minutes on a side. The result is crispy outside but soft and/or chewy inside. Works for me.

                      The Doughboy product is thick, grey, not very spiced, not crispy but doughy. Although I consider myself a scrapple addict, I didn't even finish my portion at Doughboys.

                      1. re: Tony Miller

                        Thank you for that. That Doughboy's stuff sounds gross - you'd think they could at least fry it crisp! I guess I'll just have to make my own...although Paty's is not very far away. Of course, we were discussing this last back in January, and it's not exactly scrapple season now!

                        1. re: Will Owen

                          Have to disagree about Doughboy's scrapple -- I've always found it crisp on the outside and delicious. Well spiced, good quality meat and surprisngly light. However, I don't consider it traditional scrapple. I've yet to find real Philadelphia style scrapple anywhere out here. But IMHO Doughboy's scrapple is tastey, I don't discount the fact that others might have found it less than ideal, because Doughboy's tends to be inconsistent in meal prep. The scrapple comes with"dirty eggs" -- scrambled eggs with pepper, spices and potatos -- and sometimes the eggs are good, and sometimes non-existent, i.e. all potato and no egg.