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Apr 22, 2010 01:00 PM

Kosher Hotel in NYC Area

I am hoping to take my wife away for a romantic weekend for our anniversary. Does anyone know of any hotels in the NY/NJ area that have shabbos amenities at the hotel or nearby (i.e. food, davening) that are also situated in an nice area, like a beach? Thanks.

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  1. dfsny....I don't know if this suits you, but my Mom's shul...Shaya Ahavas Torah (google it to get the hotel listings) in Parsippany, NJ is popular getaway for Brooklyn types. I think most bring their own food and hot plate for Shabbos...but the shul is very intimate and could arrange hospitality for meals for you.

    The big advantage is that it is a straight shot on Rt. 80 from the GWB, takes about 40 minutes once you've crossed the bridge, with a minimum of turns.

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      Vallevin - went to the website but it just looks like a typical NJ suburb. Is there anything about Parsipanny that would make it special for a romantic weekend? BTW, thanks for the reply.

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        It is a regular Suburb.... As I said, this big attraction is that it is easy to get to, and for some reason it had become a popular getaway location for people in Brooklyn.

      1. re: whitewater

        Whiteater - have you been there? I looked at trip advisor and the reviews of the hotel were not good. BTW, thanks for the reply.

        1. re: dfsny613

          The Jackson is closed & really not very romantic in its best days
          Try the Allegria = brand new boutique hotel in Long Beach (second summer) with key door locks ( rooms are fabulous) by the ocean & walking to all L B shuls - YI LB, The BACH, etc order a fridge & bring your own food - Great board walk

          Also the Ocean Place in Long Branch ,NJ is great- on the water- beatifull boardwalk & beach front - key door locks & walking distance to the DEAL/ Long Branch Shuls (mostly SYs) bring your food & relax

            1. re: dfsny613

              If you're looking for a place where you're wife has never been before to celebrate your anniversary, why don't you take her to your kitchen?
              An old Henny Youngman joke.
              Happy anniversary!!

              1. re: Doctormhl1

                Take that joke ...pleeezzzee !!!!
                But do take the wifey away for the anniversary ........
                Anywhere but the kitchen sink ...