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Apr 22, 2010 12:39 PM

Jewish Heritage Center - Shavuous & Greenwalk caterers

Looking for feedback on their food for JHC's Shavuous program. Also if anyone has recent feedback on the hotel (Berkeley OCeanfront in Asbury Park, NJ) It would be very welcome/

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  1. Not familiar with the caterer, but I know the hotel. Stayed there years ago- but they renovated recently. A friend of mine from work spent the weekend there recently, and said the room was nice and modern but the hotel parking lot was very limited. The hotel has several conference rooms/ballrooms. I know they have one huge rooms, b/c friends have been to a wedding there. The area outside the hotel is metered parking, and she ended up parking on a side street several blocks away. The hotel itself is right on the boardwalk/beach. It's a nice boardwalk and there are a bunch of shops in one section. The boardwalk stretches for maybe a mile in one direction, and then all the way to Bradley Beach in the other direction. Nice to walk around on the holiday, but if the weather stinks, then that's not an option.

    I don't know how long the program is... but you're a 5 minute drive from Deal and a 20 minute drive from Lakewood.. if you want to go out to eat before/after the holiday.

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      Was there for a shabbos sheva brochos last year. The hotel was decent & recently renovated. Greenwald catering was excellent as well as the service. I highly recommend