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Apr 22, 2010 12:08 PM

Y & S Licorice Pipes

Anyone know where I can find them. I bought the cigars at Bulk Burn, but I can't find the pipes.
Candy Mountain doesn't have them.
Are they still made?

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  1. Have you tried johnvince foods/bulk ?

    They carry a wide variety of stuff, and I know they have the cigars there for sure because I bought some but I'm not sure if they have the pipes.

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    1. re: BamiaWruz

      I've also been looking for the licorice pipes for the past couple of years. In my view, they taste better than the cigars, though I'm at a loss to explain why. My local Costco used to carry the pipes by the box, but switched to the cigars a year or two ago. I've tried John Vince - no pipes. And a few other places as well, including Candy Mountain, where I was informed that Y&S doesn't make pipes anymore. If true, I am bereft. So any news to the contrary would be appreciated.

    2. There is another brand of liquorice pipes in the bulk candy store under Metro Hall (I think) beside the PharmaPlus. Greyish packaging. Sorry I don't know the product, the brand or the store well and can't really recommend it but thought I'd mention in case you're looking for an alternative.

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      1. re: Manybears

        thanks. I've seen them and bought them. Just not the same. I did find out that the pipes I'm looking for are no longer in production.

      2. Today I saw the pipes individually wrapped at Ajax Bulk barn near the cash. Not sure if it's the same brand you're looking for. I can upload a pic.

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        1. re: BamiaWruz

          I've bought those pipes, but they aren't the same. I'll stick to the cigars, which thankfully are still produced. I buy them by the box.

          1. re: paulcol

            You are seriously committed to your junk food-I respect that!

        2. I saw boxes of Y & S Licorice Pipes at Costco-Billy Bishop Way-Wilson/Dufferin just last week. I looove them! The price is $6.99 I think.

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          1. re: red twizzler

            You saw the pipes last week? I was there as well last week - at the Wilson and Dufferin Costco - and, as is my custom, I checked the candy shelves in the faint hope that there were, once again, Y&S pipes on offer. They haven't been in more than a year. All I saw, as usual, were the cigars, which - in my view - inexplicably don't taste as good as the pipes. But did you actually buy the box? And were they indeed pipes, not cigars? To the casual licorice observer, the boxes are almost identical. If the pipes are indeed back, I'll be back as well at Costco, in a heartbeat, to stock up. I had been assured that the pipes are no longer made. But there's always the faint-hope clause, I suppose.

            1. re: juno

              I stand corrected. I purchased a box of pipes quite awhile ago from Costco. The ones I saw recently must have been the cigars, not pipes. Sorry for the misinformation. I was at Costco a few days ago and couldn't even find the cigars.

          2. They were available forn the longest time till some genius of the new world felt they were promoting smoking in younger children...Can you believe that one...What a world we live in now...Try and find a Popeye candy cigarette now...

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            1. re: pitch

              yeh I know what you mean, dont know if your old enough to remember this but when i was a kid hasbro had toy doctors bags that had candy pills in pill bottles, those went away quickly as well. so whats next banning soda pop in brown bottles because they look too much like beer bottles??