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Apr 22, 2010 11:59 AM

Dos Batos behind Northcross Mall

stopped by on a whim.

Very preliminary - in a strip mall, white walls, basic metal tables and a small counter with a grill behind.

Was taken aback when I discovered there are only two menu items. No. Seriously. You can either get a beef taco or a pork torta. Okaaay. Second shock - the taco was $7. yes...ONE taco...$7 on the dot with tax. My first thought was to turn and walk away, but the owners looked so earnest. sigh....okay. gimme a taco.

To their credit, they pulled out a fresh steak and grilled it on an open flame right there. Second, a nice FRESH tortilla is cooked on the griddle and it's a big dang tortilla. Then came oodles of fresh white cheese all melty on the top. Steak was diced and piled high. Taco was really quite good. Meat was seasoned just with salt and pepper and cheese was quite flavorful, tortilla was wonderful. Salsa was a nice smoky addition and I easily had two-thirds of it left over for dinner.
Charro beans, while flavorful and had plenty of jalapenos floating around, had hot dogs too. That's just weird.

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  1. Is that the place next to Sandy's Shoes?

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    1. Dropped by there today just to check it out. Looks interesting but apparently I misread you comments because I thought you meant he also sold hot dogs. Nope, but there is sausage in the beans.

      In the discussion that ensued we started talking about the weiners used in HD's back when. He mentioned that a grocery store in the Crestview area sells a dog from Tyler that is dark red and like to ones we used to get. That, is suppose, is the main reason I am writing her. Anyone have any experience with that particular dog? Thanks,J

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        Sounds like Tip Top brand, from Taylor Meat Company (instead of Tyler). It's an old-school meat market on Highway 79 as you come into Taylor from Round Rock. They also have some really good peppery jerky, though it's more of a tender beef strip kind of thing than a fully-dried gnawin' type jerky.

        I have seen the Tip Top wieners at Crestview; they're easy to spot because of the red color.

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          Yeah, meant hot dogs floating around in the beans.

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            Thanks to all for your replies and thanks to ASH for bringing it to our attention.

        2. Update - the leftover taco made a great appetizer for my husband and me that night. Would have easily been another lunch if I had kept it at the office.

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            I stopped by Dos Batos yesterday and ordered one of each - the torta and the taco. Both were excellent, and worth $7 IMHO, considering both their size and the quality of the ingredients. I quite like the interior - somewhat minimalist, but clean and uncluttered, and a very pleasant background smell of the wood burning griddle. The place was empty, so I had time to chat with the guy behind the counter, who said that the owner was at home busy figuring out what items to add to the menu - apparently they want to be operational with a full menu by the time the Walmart opens. Hmmmm, I thought to myself. Urban-concept Walmart or not, I'm just not sure the average Walmart shopper will spend $7 for eats across the parking lot, when goodness knows what deliciousness will be available inside the Walmart :-)

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              The website is really cute and short.

              1. re: robbie6805

                The website is the most irritating, annoying site ever, of all times. From the JARRING ignorant-pop leaping heinously from my speakers, to the indiscernible menu items & stupid graphics. What the hell does it say at the top of the site?

          2. am finishing my torta as I type this. It is quite good. I am far from a gourmand, so I don't feel qualified to judge it. But I AM a picky eater, and I like it. I ordered the corn flan too. I had never tried it before. Both Batos were manning the registers, and one let me try it first, which was pretty nice to do. He said if I didn't like it, he would just throw it out. It is quite good, but I suspect I'll have had enough of it after a few bites.

            The torta came with charro beans. I have always wanted to like charro beans. So much more interesting than the other bean choices available with Tex-Mex (imho). Again, I do not have a terribly sophisticated palate, but these were quite good.Despite reading this thread before going, I was surprised to see hot dogs in the charro beans. But, as an inveterate beenie weenie consumer, I am not opposed to the idea.

            I checked the place out on Yelp before heading over there. Some poor reviews, mostly complaining about the cost and the limited menu. Food-specific comments were positive, though.

            Their processes are not perfected yet. I wasn't offered a bag for my take out, so I had to carr the torta box, a coke, and the flan in a stack. If they get a lot of customers, they'll need a system beyond simply remembering who ordered what. Since it was sparse, the Bato was able to find me easily to bring me my food.

            I get the sense that they are looking to bring a casual, gringo-friendly vibe to Mexican (not Tex-Mex) fare. One review on Yelp commented that the pirata was as good as the one he'd had as a kid in Mexico. I'd love to see the menu expanded to Mex favorites I can't get at the Cabana or every Tex-Mex joint in town.

            I would say it is worth a visit if you are in that neck of the woods. And it is worth a repeat visit in a few weeks, to see if they've expanded their menu.

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            1. re: Rice Checks

              I had the big steak taco today. it was good. the meat was above average and the portions left me full. a little bit pricey, but really friendly and tasty. very spartan interior, but I get the sense they are just in the midst of a very soft opening.

            2. Tried Dos Batos today. Their menu has expanded. Since I was not hungry, I got a small beef taco ($3) and it was pretty good but some of the beef bites were a bit chewy--nice smoke flavor though. If you can find the silly thing (their website tells you it is hard but makes no effort to actually help you find it), I'd go again and try a couple more of the items. It is just south of the Conns that is plainly visible from Anderson. Flour tortilla was pretty fresh as well.

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              1. re: Carter B.

                Oh, that's good news! I ended up eating leftover taco for two days the last time I went. The small taco should be right up my alley.