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Apr 22, 2010 11:52 AM

Please help me find a toaster!

Several years ago I received as a gift a Cuisinart 'Heat Surround' toaster. It had one toasting slot, 2-inch by 11-inch. Browning control, but not bagel or defrost or frozen or warming options. It was wonderful! Everything toasted beautifully, including bagels and long slices of french bread. Unfortunately, I didn't realize just how wonderful it was until one heating element burned out and rather than having it repaired I disposed of it, thinking I could easily find a satisfactory replacement. How wrong I was! In the last month I've bought 3 toasters, returned 2 and am living unhappily with number 3 (an Oster and the only long slot I could find). None of the 3 will allow a regular slice of bread to drop fully into the slot, which is not deep enough. Forget a slice of rye, which is oval and won't fit either horizontally or vertically. French bread, not a chance. The Oster long slot will take a wide piece of bread but, like the others, some sticks out the top and has to be flipped and toasted twice.

I use a toaster a lot. I realize life is short and filled with problems more important than a decent toaster, but starting each morning with this minor frustration is becoming more annoying every day. I am willing to fork out whatever is necessary to find what I want - a toaster with a long slot and deep enough to toast a piece of bread from top to bottom. Any additional features are optional.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. One word:

    (BTW- I have the optional sandwich cage. I use it all the time).

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    1. re: eliz553

      I would have said Dualit too, certainly I found the older classic 2/4 slot toasters to be excellent. But I was given one of the 4 slice lite toasters linked above a couple of years ago and was so disappointed by its inconsistent toasting that I was happy to offload it.

      1. re: andrewtree

        My experience is with the original (classic) Dualit. Love it. (But the original do have only the regular one-slice length slots.

        1. re: andrewtree

          andrewtree: "I found the older classic 2/4 slot toasters to be excellent."

          The older Dualits had a quality -- delightful in human beings, but disturbing in electrical appliances -- of ... erm ... spontaneity.

          One assumes that Dualit has addressed the issue in the past 16 years, but until I was certain that the problem has been fixed completely, I would never have a Dualit toaster in my home.

          The one very most essential feature in ANY toaster is that the heating elements should never stay on except when the user wants them to be on. That criterion, incidentally, rules out a very large number of toasters in the marketplace that rely on the mechanical action of the toast pop-up carriage to turn off the heating elements. If the elements stay on when toast gets stuck in the slot, there will be a fire, sooner or later.

          1. re: Politeness

            Interesting, thanks for that. I used the manual timer models which weren't subject to the recall, I'm not familiar with those that were more spontantaneously combustible!

      2. I have a kitchenaid professional series. Expensive but worth it.

        1. Well, for $300, you can buy the Magimix Vision Toaster...even lets you watch your toast toasting!

          I saw this the other day & wondered a) if it's any good and b) who would spend that much money. Are you, perhaps, that person? And, if you are, would you report back?

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          1. re: fauchon

            Now ain't that something! If Magimix quality is still as good as for my 30 year old food processor it will be quite a toaster. Shame I don't eat toast anymore......