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Apr 22, 2010 10:46 AM

Bachelorette Party - Sonoma

I'm planning a Bachelorette Party in early September for 10 girls. We are heading to Sonoma for 6-7 hours. I'm looking for any ideas on a fun/relaxed outdoor place to have lunch and suggestions on which wineries we have to hit up. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I'd recommend El Dorado Kitchen (EDK) around the town square of Sonoma. As far as wineries, any preferences as to type of wine (red, white, champagne, fruit-forward, dry) or type of atmosphere (casual and laid-back, something more grand)?

    Gloria Ferrar Champagne is near the southern end of the Sonoma Valley, and while they don't do tastings, they sell a lovely selection of champagne by the glass, which is always a festive way to start off!

    If your dates are early enough in September to be over Labor Day, be aware there is a huge wine auction event which will fill up restaurants and hotels.


    1. If you're in Russian River (and you probably should be), definitely hit Thomas George Winery, beautiful setting and very, very good wines. Nice people too

      1. I think Girl and the Fig would be a lovely al fresco afternoon lunch for 10 ladies. It's in teh same square as EDK mentioned above.