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Apr 22, 2010 10:35 AM

Joey Nova's in Minnetonka

Let's face it...we live in Minnesota. We would be lucky if our best pizza joint was 1/10th as good as the worst pizza joint in Authentic New York City. I think I found one that can claim this honor. Joey Nova's is making really good pizza (For Minnesota) The owner is actually from authentic New York City. I highly recommend it...check it out. Next time I go, I'm gonna ask if he could import some NY city can only dream.

Joey Nova's
5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

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  1. they have a location in plymouth, too.

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    1. re: sarah.j.morrison

      How far we have come...Pizzaria Lola, Hello Pizza, etc...I still love Joey's though and am very surprised that Dara Moskowitz didn't put it in her top 5 Pizza by the slice.

      1. re: sarah.j.morrison

        Plymouth store has been closed for a while. Booo hoooo!

      2. I would agree. A close to NYC as I've found.

        1. Joey Nova's is in Tonka Bay, not Minnetonka. There is about a six mile difference in location further west.

          But did you have to bring up the water in the pizza crutch New Yorkers use ad nauseam? I travel the country. Joey Nova's is OK for pizza and is much, much better than 1/10th and the Tonka Bay deep well water is a lot better than anything in New York. Now I guess I have to go to the New York board and complain I can't get a decent wild rice soup. ;)

          Joey Nova's
          5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

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          1. re: Davydd

            Agreed about the water thing. But nah, you could get probably get a great wild rice soup in NYC. It's just about getting good wild rice, and it's not like it has to be fresh. Hey, you could get a great anything in NYC.

          2. With as much pretension as is in your post I would have thought you would be from Manhattan or something ;-) NYC water...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Minnesota and Mass are widely recognized as having great water. NYC, its mainly percieved flavor of ego enhancers. This is coming from someone who has been there a half dozen times for weeks at a time and has family in NYC. And yes, I have read the mythbusting crap.